Travel guide: NYC in December

I haven’t told you about my amazing trip to New York City yet! It was amazing! Every time anyone asks me how it was, I always say it was amazing and I want to back, like now! It was so great & I loved being somewhere new & just exploring the city!

Thursday & Friday: This whole trip came about because my mom and I decided to go on fabric buying trip, hosted by Peggy Sagers from silhouette patterns . TIt was so much fun, I enjoyed the first day more as we went to two private fashion fabric studios and I proceeded to find a bunch of fabric… But then I enjoyed the second day just as equally when we made it to Mood fabrics, (probably my favorite fabric store now!) where I saw at-least 3 contestants from project runway! I still kick myself for not going up and asking for pictures!(but I did surprise myself at how nerdy I became just because I knew all of these faces!) Next time, I will be asking for pictures, you can count on that! But I did meet a new friend who happens to work there and also designs amazing pieces of jewelry too! … Hi Stephanie!

Saturday: After the fabric buying trip, we decided to stay and have some fun in the city. Our friends Matt & Liberty decided to drive down from Philly, to show us the city. They came to our hotel, which we stayed in Newark, New Jersey on the airport. Super easy to get into the city from the hotel a bit pricey at $50 round trip per person each day. So we headed into the city. We decided to go see the statue of Liberty first. Amazing view, we also went through battery park, (where they used to host fashion week, mind you!) From there we were headed to trinity church, but we made a pit stop and went to one of the nicest Duane Reades ever! It had an amazing cosmetic area, unfortunately, I was about to purchase a few things when,.. well nature was calling…, and they don’t have public Restrooms in any of the Duane Reades, so we found, what looked liked to be a yummy Chinese restaurant right down the way. And went there. Well we never made it back to Duane Reade. So, I never made a purchase from them! Also a next time! We, then were on our way to trinity church, it was gorgeous!
From there we headed to serendipity cafe, just to find out that it was going to be a 3hr. wait! Not worth it when we were already very hungry! So we made a beeline to Patsy’s pizzeria right across the street! So yummy! Then we headed to Dillion’s candy store. (Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s candy store) it was a fun experience, but probably won’t head back there when visiting again… Then we headed across the street to Bloomingdales and viewed there windows then went inside, used the bathroom and stopped at the M-A-C counter to purchase a lip color for my sister’s Christmas gift. (And I also purchased an eye color, I mean I was in bloomies!) then we decided to walk 5th Ave. and look at all of the pretty window displays from Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany’s, Bergdorf men’s,…
We also saw the infamous Plaza hotel (bride wars, Eloise, home alone 2 anyone?!) and then we ended up near FAO Schwartz, so we went in, and spent, at least an hour there, which it would have been more enjoyable without so many kids, but it wouldn’t a toy store without kids… Then I got a trinket for the niece and my mom got a really cool nano Lego set for my nephew and a package of Reese’s peanut butter cups that were ginormous, 2.5lbs! For my bro-in-law… Then we headed to Times Square(not my favorite place!) then we saw some of the broadway theaters making our way to junior’s cheesecakes! Yay! So yummy, I ordered the original new york cheesecake and a cup of hot chocolate! So so good!
Then we headed back to the subway station and then to the train station. And as we were buying our tickets, they were calling our train, so we missed our train and waited about 45min. To catch the next one! What an experience! It was so packed! Then we made it back to the hotel and then Matt & lib made their 2 hr. Journey home. Long but oh so fun day!!!

Sunday & Monday: Then the next two days we bummed around the hotel…

Then on Tuesday: we decided to venture into the city and meet my lovely friend Whitney at Dean & DeLuca. It has very yummy food! Then we decided to go back to Mood to look around. No project runway peeps there that day. Then Whitney had to leave. so after mood we decided we were thirsty so we made our way to the closest starbucks. Then we headed to spandex world and two other Duane Reade’s, in case they were as snazzy as the first one we went to! Then we were a bit hungry so we made our way to Pret a manger. I really liked their food! I enjoyed my lentil soup and sandwich! super yummy! Then we headed back to Newark…

Wednesday: we decided to go to Rockefeller center and see the tree, on our way we stopped to dine at Lord & Taylor, and we found an awesome bead store, walked passed the empire state building, found a super yummy coffee shop called: Gregory’s, where I ordered a dirty chai, nom nom! then we made it to the tree! It was okay, but I think it was the angle. Plus, it was packed so that didn’t help! but on the plus side I found an anthropologie & a J.Crew! Then we headed to this French bistro: Brasserie Ruhlmann. Okay food, we just ordered steak frites. We then were making our way back to Penn station, when we stumbled on M&J Trimming the motherload of all things crafty & DIY-ish! (It’s also where Erica Domesek from the blog P.S. I made this, shops!)
Then we headed back to Newark.

Friday: mwe departed Newark to go home 😦

But all in all it was a fabulous trip and counting down the days where we go again! which will most likely be in march or may! : ) here are a few pics from the trip! Random things like the Empire State Building, window displays, lights, my friends, etc! Hope you enjoy! ; )

On Monday I will post “Places you must see vs. Things you wouldn’t need to worry about! And Wednesday I’ll show you what I bought in NYC!!! Exciting exciting! So don’t miss out!

Love y’all, Ryn
P.s. Are there any places in NYC you would recommend going? Stores, Reastaurants, coffee shops, etc? Comment below!

























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