What I received for Christmas

Disclaimer: I am (like many other bloggers and vloggers) not boasting or bragging about what I received during the Christmas Celebrations at all. I am very grateful for everything I was gifted with! and I think it’s safe to say so many of us are just fascinated and a wee bit nosey to see what each of us received for Christmas.

So, with that being said I’ll show you what I totally got blessed with!
Some of them were major surprises and others were just what I had asked for and adore…

1.5.2014 blog 016

1.5.2014 blog 019

Funny Story, I was out shopping with my sister, Heather, at Target. And earlier that day I saw @targetdoesitagain post on instagram about these heads, so knew I wanted them in my life. So when I was there my sister, she bought both because I liked them so much and then she liked the one that sits atop a dresser or table, so I bought that one for her. So, we both exchanged the same gift basically… which is totally fine with me! ๐Ÿ˜‰
You can find them: HERE

1.5.2014 blog 021
This is all the stuff I received plus more, but some I already ate…

1.5.2014 blog 034
This was a total surprise, And I am absolutely amazed with! I love the sound the Bose puts out, very clean crisp & a lot of bass! Perfection! If you want to invest in some awesome headphones, Bose will not disappoint! I have wanted these for literally 3 years and I’m so happy to have them. (Hey maybe they’ll help me when I decide to become a music producer… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) you can find these: HERE
1.5.2014 blog 037
The amazing thing is, I didn’t put clothes on my Christmas list thus year. Because, I knew I wanted things I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself. But I did put shoes and undies on my list, because that’s just how I roll! I’m so happy I that I have my hightops(that will be scotchgarded) and my black minnetonkas and also My very cute underwear!
You can find the undies: HERE
Moccassins: HERE
Converse: HERE

1.5.2014 blog 038
I’m excited to use the glitter tape & the labeler It’ll be a breeze to package my products now. And then the silkscreens are a fave of mine for diy’s and business! And the cute felt garland is just adorable!

1.5.2014 blog 040
Beauty products are always a favorite of mine!!! and man I received so much! (I’ll be doing beauty reviews of these and some others soon!)
So the 100% pure nailpolish, I’m excited to try. it’s very nude for me, but I think it’ll be good for spring.
The Hair chalk, Im very excited to try! I always want to change my hair, so I think it’ll be good!
I was gifted with my favorite lotion! The emu gold is so nourishing for your skin, it’s amazing!
The eos lipbalm is my very favorite lipbalm ever! so yummy perfectly hydrating on your lips!
Oh yeah, I received this fine-one-one from benefit, which is an all in one highlighter, blush & contourer! So amazing.
I also received an Anastasia brow waxing kit… not sure if i’m ok with it, but we’ll see!
And then I received an Anastasia make-up kit aswell. which I have already used the lipglosses & tinted brow gel. so good.
And last but not least I got the cutest monthly calendar fom one of my favorite artists Leigh Standley from Curly Girl. Such a fave!
Oh and one of my favorite eyeshadows I received, was MAC mineralized eyeshadow in Love connection. I had put on my list that I wanted the shade gilt by association… but I sort of already bought it when I was in NY… So I gladly exchanged it for love connection and I just adore it!

1.5.2014 blog 042
I’m really quite excited to try these coconut butter! they are flavored and im pretty sure i’ll like them too!
It’s always fun to get candy that you grew up with. Sixlets are the best!
and I also am excited to try the peppermint stick chocolate bar! sounds so yummy!

1.5.2014 blog 043
Same Bose headphones, but I also received a Bluetooth speaker that can go anywhere. I like putting it on the shower wall, when I shower… (Up until the 31st I had liked putting it on my forehead, but with it bruised my forehead I decided never to do it again!)
Then my sis & bro in law gave everybody a leather cord taco. which wraps around your phone cord when you need to bring your cord with you!

I also was given 2 rings (not pictured)
But you can find them
Signet ring: HERE
Handmade ring: HERE

And that concludes what I received for Christmas! I really did get so so blessed! and I’m so grateful for it all! everything is just so perfect! I have a great family! -Ryn

How was you Christmas? Was it great? What were your favorite gifts you were given?


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