Etsy find Friday: LeahLerner

This is what’s going down on Styled By Ryn. Not only are we doing diy Fridays every other week, but we’re also going to highlight amazing designers that are on etsy. I my self love etsy, not only because my business is on there too, (Maude C.) But also because I LOVE supporting others that are passionate about what they do as well! So every other week, I’ll be posting some of my favorites that I adore the look of and may want to purchase in the near future and hopefully give them some business too!(and maybe just maybe in the future I’ll be interviewing these amazing indie designers!

So my first will be Leah Lerner! She has the coolest bags and I so want one! They come from Israel, which that is just cool in itself. And I’m pretty partial to leather… Since I make my infamous feather earrings! But her bags look so amazing! The one I want from Leah, looks kind of like the transport bag from Madewell, but its constructed so well, that it makes me question whether I really want to get the one from Madewell.(which May shock you, since I am such a devoted fan of Madewell!)

I like how she adds two snaps to the inside to close it! and the leather seams supple & sturdy! Just gorgeous work! You should definitely look into buying from her! Gorgeous work!
Find the bag: HERE

Go to to find super cute leather goods!

What do you think about this bag?

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