Travel guide: places to go, people to see in NYC…

I am in No way saying, I am a know it all on anything NYC. I just really enjoyed my stay and would love to go back and explore some more! I will tell you though, I was expecting it to be a bit different in set up, but what can you do, show biz has lied to me all these years!
I did make a list of things you should see when traveling there and a list of things that may not be as worth your time. Also I will link the hotel where I stayed. And I will add the places I plan to go when I return to the big apple! Hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to make it to the city that never sleeps. It’s such a treat!

First off, the places you need to see:
-Statue of Liberty: obviously that’s a must. She really is quite a beauty! They have ferries, to where you can get off and roam around the statue on Stanton island. Ferries are between $0-$X.
-Empire State Building: it’s rather tall, but so worth going. I only walked past it. But plan to go back and go up. It will set you back between $27-$42.
-Mood fabrics & Parsons school of design: if your like me an project runway & you’re creative, you need to get your Hiney over to the garment district. It’s filled with unique shops to get the creative juices flowing!
-The freedom tower: it’s actually really pretty. You need to go, just see it in all it’s glory. It’s so significant.
-Central Park: I bet it’s just lovely in the springtime!
-A broadway show: I would have gone, but nothing sounded fabulous to see…
-Trinity church: gorgeous! Amazing architecture. And has a whole lot of history holding it all together.
-The plaza hotel: you need to at least see the outside. It’s beautiful.
-Duane Reade: for all my beauty lovers, you need to go to the one closest to battery park, so worth going in! It will not disappoint!
-Junior’s cheesecakes: Soooo yummy! A must try!
The apple cube: it’s just cool to see! I wouldn’t go down, it looked way to hectic for me!
The bull on Wall Street: it looked like fun to stand in front of a massive brass bull and snap of photo! Keepsakes people!
Gregory’s coffee: amazing place. They have 5 locations, go to one of them! It’s worth it!

Places that were a let down:
-Times Square: dare I say, it was not my fave. I probably loathe that area of town the most! It’s such a discussing area. I will say, go once. Just to get it out of your way.
-FAO SCHWARTZ: now this wasn’t so bad, but when your expecting the toy store from Home Alone: Lost In New York. It’s a major let down! And then you find out, it’s owned by toys r us, you understand it’s only a glorified toys r us store.
-Serendipity 3: I’m only putting this down, because we wanted to eat here but, they do not take reservations, so it would have taken 3hrs to get a table, and I heard the food wasn’t even that good! But I would like to get dessert there sometime! (Frozen hot chocolate to be exact!)

Places I would like to still go to:
Central Park
Grand central station
Shake shack
The Empire State Building
Take the ferry to see lady liberty up close
I’d like to go to bergdorf’s and roam inside.
And bloomie’s! And 5th ave again!
Get a hot dog on the street.
Also get a bagel from a Jewish deli
Get a cronut: a hybrid between a croissant and a donut!
The plaza hotel: have high tea or lunch there.
A broadway show: if I can find one worth going to!
The metropolitan museum
Hillsong church
Take the double decker bus around the city.
Visit parsons!
Eat at The Smile Restaurant
Visit soho
Visiting Hoboken and going to Carlos bakery!
Ground zero

And anywhere else I can think of! 😉

The hotel I stayed in:
Marriott hotel on the Newark airport.
It was nice to unwind after each day in the city. I wasn’t in the city, so I could actually here myself think. No, but it was so nice. I wouldn’t mind staying at a quaint b & b in the city, next time though, but we’ll see!
*disclaimer: staying in New Jersey and especially on the airport, the shuttle would not drive us anywhere but to the AirTran to get to the train. So if you are planning on venturing out into new jersey, the hotel does have a car service of $80 round trip, each trip. So be forewarned!

I hope this helps! Let me know of any places you enjoy going to aswell! I’d love to hear!


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