Style find: NYC Fabric Haul…and others

1.5.2014 blog 024

I bought all of this fabric… EEK! But I definitely adore all of it! I will warn you, I am a lover of neutral colors! I do have few colors in the mix, but I’m such a fan of neutrals, why stray away?!

and I know I will use all of it for fashionable pieces. I bought most of the pieces from Marcorp (which is a studio, I got to purchase from with the help of Peggy Sagers) and Mood Fabrics… Ahhh Mood! I also bought from Elliott Berman, Spandex world and A&A fabrics (again Private wholesaler).

Beautiful fabrics. After going to these places, I have raised my standards a bit higher when buying fabric. Everything is worthless from Jo-Ann’s and places like that. Unfortunately, that’s what we have in Dallas/Fort worth or texas in General. Except for a few stores, like sew it up in Hurst TX, and  The common thread in Austin TX. and few others. But luxurious fabrics stores are few and far between here in Texas.(at least that I know of!) Unfortunate. But I guess I will just have to travel to New York more often! ; )

1.5.2014 blog 025

I bought 2 faux furs. 1 Leather hide. A black & white striped knit (same kind of texture Breton uses for their tees.) A flocked lace t-shirt knit. 2 linen knits. 2 cotton prints. 1 cotton/spandex knit. 1 neon lace (which came from Ralph Lauren upcoming 2014 fabric!!), 1 rayon print knit and a printed French terry knit( also 2014 print!) So amazing guys!

1.5.2014 blog 027

and then y’all, I found myself on ordering even more fabric, that I probably didn’t need in the first place. but oh well!

1.5.2014 blog 029

This is what I bought off of there.

I bought a really pretty white rayon/poly French terry, A wine cotton French terry(Which I think came from free people, see ….) a textured oat colored French terry and 4 colors in hatchi knit in taupe, black, grey & heathered burgundy. I also bought 2″ chainette fringe (for an upcoming diy). as you can see I bought just a few things, but I’ll be making some really cute clothes! Yay for me! If you would like to see what I make out of all of these, Please let me know in the comment box below!

1.5.2014 blog 030

Oh and these were the other things I bought while in New York!

Officially, my mom bought this adorable make-up bag from anthro for me! and I had wanted to go to the original kiehl’s store(I love going to the originals of stores & brands I like!) to buy my perfume, but we never made it there, so I actually bought this in the highland park village kiehl’s shop. (But I am counting it as a New York purchase. and then I bought this eyeshadow in bloomingdales at the MAC counter. I mean, if you’re in bloomies, you might as well right!? You can find it: HERE .

1.5.2014 blog 032

Here are few websites with exceptional quality in fabric:



So, here is a few places to look for incredible luxurious fabrics to occupy you!

So let me know if you’d like to see what I make out of all of these lovely fabrics I bought, please… I will also be posting a few looks that you can use with that MAC eyeshadow, so stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed this!

What kind of hoarder are you?

Thanks, Ryn


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