DIY Friday: Stag-tastic Pullover

I am adoring EVERYTHING stag & deer like, as you will see in another post ; )

 I wanted a stag pullover and I thought, “Hey why not just make one!” I already had a high-low hem line pullover, SCORE! (I made mine… but here is one similar) I then used Tonertex color foils. They are super easy to use! Like incredibly easy! And the deer adds just enough whimsy to the pullover, which is just perfect!

(I’m pretty sure my niece is going to love the shiny-ness of the deer head!)

Here’s how to make this beaut:

Gather your supplies:

Tonertex color foils (you can purchase them HERE or I’m sure Amazon has them also)

Pullover, sweatshirt or tee (make sure you want the deer on that shirt, since it will be permanent.)

Heavy Duty Heat N Bond

Clip art Stag head (Here are similar ones)



Marker (I would use a fine point sharpie or a le pen… but that just me!)



First, cut your silhouette out.


Then, lay out your heat n bond. plastic-y clear side down. Then use your silhouette & pen to trace around it, like so.


Then cut it out.


This is the plastic like side.


Then place plastic side down, onto your sweatshirt.


Iron it, all over. I used the highest setting on the iron, but you can use the medium setting. (you do not need steam, fyi!)


Then wait a couple minutes. Make sure it’s cool to the touch.


Then, you have a very shiny surface to work with. one thing to keep in mind, try not to touch the clearness to your hot iron. it’s not good for it and will make the surface blotchy!


Place the light side of the foil face down. where the darker shinier side is facing upwards. you’ll then carefully iron it on the clear stag. trying not to touch the iron to the clear part on the pullover.


Then you’ll wait 2 minutes, then pull it off. Repeat until the whole deer head is covered with the foil.


like so…


And then you are finished! I will say this, after washing this item, try not to iron it if at all possible, if you have to, try to iron around it or iron it inside out!

isn’t this an adorable diy?! So so easy to do! I hope you try this! it really is fun!

Use the hashtag #sbrdiy for twitter & instagram, when trying one of my diys please.

What is a diy you would like to see?




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