Styled: Crystal & Will

I bet you miss my beauty reviews and style ideas… I do too! They’re coming, I promise!
But I wanted to post this amazing, exciting and well deserving post today!

I have been working with this couple since August 2013. We met through a mutual friend. (thanks Kait!)


Crystal contacted me through email, to see if I could style her for a singing competition she was in, in October. She passed one round, and a judge came up to her and said, that if she could improve her style & hire a stylist, she could win the next competition… Well, she hired me, and we scheduled our first meet up at Northpark center in Dallas Texas. We mainly stuck to H&M. But we did venture out to other stores too.


Fashion Tip 1#Because you don’t need name brand stuff to make you look good! And my styling philosophy is to use high/low shopping. You can totally mix expensive items with inexpensive items and make a super chic outfit(s).

#2 Just keep in mind quality over quantity. Make sure hat the garment will hold up. That’s something I like, is for the garment to be used more than once. make sure the seams don’t pull. that’s the first indicator of poor designed garment.


{Oldie pic of Will & Crystal Yates at the Ryman Theater}

So after the day that we shopped until we dropped. They attended their 3rd competition… And WON! So cool!


{After the win I helped her dress for!}

All the while they had interviews and meet-ups to do and we would go back and forth texting, calling and trying to FaceTime! (which is an ingenious idea, I might add!)


{Good Morning Texas Interview)

Until finally, we needed to go shopping…  for their last and final competition in Nashville TN! For the Texaco Showdown at the Ryman Theater with Leann Rimes as the host! Eek! It will be televised on GAC (not sure when the airing date will be, but I will be tuning in!) (so not only were my outfits/work viewed by 1300 people, it will also be viewed by millions of viewers!)


Before they left, I made my way to McKinney Texas to look over the process Crystal had already made of her and Will’s outfits! I just helped in the final process of putting together the little details and outfits of the week they’ll be in Nashville. I adore styling people! It is so rewarding!
(I wanted to go too, but it was really impossible to do so, not this time! Definitely will be going  next time for sure! I LOVE Nashville!)20140119-224428.jpg

Then they were off, on the way to Nashville to rock it! And they sure did! They nailed it and won!!! (When I heard, I was overjoyed and I may have teared up just a bit! I’m so proud and thankful they won! They looked amazing! And now I’m waiting for them to get back so I can hear ALL about it! Hurry home… Or not! Your choice!20140119-224436.jpg

I’m so excited for the future with them! I’m so proud of this couple! Love you Crystal & Will!




Thanks for reading! -Ryn

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