Etsy Find Friday: Junedesigns

About Joelle from

From Biology to Jewelry

                                Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I always loved animals SO MUCH. Serioulsy. I probably love animals more than I like people. However, I eventually realized that being a vet wasn’t exactly what I had in mind… sure I would work everyday with animals, but a lot of them would be sick. And some of them wouldn’t make it. And I am too sensitive to deal with that, so I chose Biology. During my studies, I started making jewelry as a hobby. You know, making beaded necklaces and colorful earrings. As I discovered Etsy in late 2006, I decided to go one step further and learned new techniques, including soldering. I officially opened my Etsy shop in June 2007 and made my first sale about2 weeks later. Aaah that first sale. I was SO excited! By september 2007, Etsy became my only source of income. As my motivation at school declined, I enjoyed more and more making jewelry. Was it time to make a decision? It sure was. I put my pride aside and left the university. In 2009, I started a full time jewelry program to improve myself and learn new techniques. I spent two years there, and although it wasn’t always easy, it was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. Since 2011, I work full time on my jewelry and I’m thankful to be able to do what I love, everyday.

I just adore her style & jewelry concept. It’s fresh, organic and simple! I just adore her pieces! Also she can make you a one of a kind piece just for you… or whoever! Please check her shop out, it’s amazing. I’m already swooning a few of her pieces something fierce!


This is one of my favorites! It’s simply gorgeous!

$28 | Order HERE


She just has some amazing designs. Y’all need to look this shop up! It’s brilliant!

$25 |Order HERE


Aren’t these amazing?! So sophisticated! I can totally see myself wearing these!

$115 for set of 9 | Order HERE


This is my ultimate favorite of hers! I just adore it!!! I will be getting this ring at some point. it’ll probably be an everyday ring for me! I just like it that much!

$26 | Order HERE


This one is just cool! ooak people!

$72 | Order HERE


This is great! I saw this ring on her shop and at first I thought it was an actual ring sizer… but no, it’s an actual ring! How cool is that!?

$88 | Order HERE

As you can see, JuneDesigns has a range of prices and I like how it’s either sterling silver or 14k gold! I wish Junedesigns the absolute best & much success!

– Sincerely Ryn

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