Beauty Find: glamglow supermud



Girls! (and guys) I’m with everyone else who like to keep their skin in check! I like using face serums, eye creams, day creams, moisturizers, masks, you name it! I really like decreasing the blackheads, erasing the wrinkles, minimizing pores and keeping moisture in my face! I have found a pretty good rhythm and consistency to the skin preparation.

But sometimes I like to try things that other vloggers & bloggers have raved about, and I am either rather disappointed or am equally impressed with a beauty item…
This item, glam glow supermud, I heard from Fleur from on her YouTube channel.
She absolutely raves about this product! And I’ve wanted to try this since seeing her rave about it and I’ve seen pictures on Pinterest too.

The only kicker to this product is that it is a mere $70.00 for 1.2fl.oz, kind of steep for just a mask right?

But I thought I’d try it anyways. I’ve used it 3 or 4 times. And I can say it’s great! It leaves my skin super soft, helps with minimizing pores and blackheads and it brightens your skin. It does smell a bit like black licorice. (So if your not fond of the smell, you are not going to like this product. The smell is pungent)
But overall, it’s an awesome product.
When you first put the mud on your dampened skin, it will be a dark dark teal color which you apply a thin layer – then you leave it on for 5-20min, which will turn to the color of a light mint – then remove with warm water.
You can use this mask as many times you want and it can be used as spot treatment.

And the greatest part, I haven’t mentioned yet, is I found this product at my local Costco for a whopping $35.00!! Half off guys! So, now you can rush off to nearest Costco and see if they’re carrying this product!
Also, if your Costco does not carry this yet, Sephora does at retail price. But they also carry the travel size which is $24… A wee bit better than $70!

I will probably be buying this for family for Valentine’s Day… It’s that good!





Oh and I forgot to mention, once it’s dry on your face, I noticed in expelled oil from my pores on my nose. So when everything else is mint colored there are tiny taupe little dots on my nose. I think that’s a good thing myself. So just forewarning! But I do think you should try this, it’s a fabulous find!


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