DIY Friday: wreath sweatshirt

First off, it’s the last day of January! How sad, but also exciting! Since my birthday is 11 days away!!! I’ll never be too old to celebrate my birthday! And then of course four days after that V-day will be here! Yay! Leave me a comment telling me if you or anyone you know has a birthday on the 10th or any day in February, please!

Have you ever seen those wildfox pullovers? On Pinterest or at Nordstrom? I think some of them are adorable! But they can be rather expensive.. And though I really like them I’m not sure I want to buy them that much! If DIY is not your thing, you can go to but if it DIY is your thing, then I think you’ll like this one! It was definitely inspired by a wildfox pullover!

Before we get started, I did post this other tutorial about embellishing the raglan pullover with silver studs HERE. Just to show you how I distressed & studded my sweatshirt.

Now let’s get started!
What you should gather:
Freezer paper
Wreath clip art (you can find them on google images)
An iron (I used the highest setting, but medium heat would be totally fine too!)
Foam stamper
Acrylic paint


Start off with a sweatshirt.


Here are some of the supplies you will need!



You need Freezer Paper. Wax Paper will not work as a stencil, unless of course you want wax all down the front of you!


Cover your clip art with a piece of freezer paper.


Then use the sharpie and trace the image.


Use tiny pointed scissors to cut around the image.


Then place the freezer paper where you want it, plastic side down. Then iron it. The freezer paper will adhere temporarily to your sweatshirt.


I used white acrylic paint.

*The café Au lait bowls from anthropologie make great crafting bowls, I might add!


Stamp the loaded stamper onto the stencil.


Then I added two white lines to connect the wreath together.


Let dry. Then iron it to set it, or it will come off in the wash if you don’t.

Then you have the finished product!!! Isn’t it cute?! Tell me what you think!

You’ll here from me tomorrow…hopefully! – Ryn


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