Celebrate: 26 random things about me…

So for the next 10 days until the 10th of February you will hear from me each day with useful tips, Random things about me, favorite beauty items, a DIY or two, outfit, etc. aren’t you glad my birthday is on the 10th and not the 28th? I would be rambling on for 28 days instead of just ten! I love my birthday, like I said, I’ll never be too old to celebrate my birthday! To me, my birthday is a holiday. So just so you know I’m not self centered as this may seem… It’s just a way to celebrate one of my favorite days ever!
Oh and in all fairness I’m doing 26 facts, because that’s the age turning…

So now onto the 26 random facts about me:

1. More times that I can count, I put lipstick on before I take a sip of a drink. It’s ridiculous!
2. I hate the smell of packaged tortillas… Give me fresh!
3. I have never really been into beauty until about 2ish years ago.
4. I do not like the taste of fudge! So gross!
5. I’m now in love with New York City! And can see myself living there.
6. I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was 16.
7. I don’t have a driver’s license… Need to get on that quickly! : / (I do however have the permit)
8. I had the biggest crush on justin timberlake when I was about 16-18.
9. Then it switched to Bradley cooper, after I saw the abc family movie premiere of “Who wants to marry Ryan Bank’s?”
10. I wear size 10 shoes. Sometimes I can wear 9 1/2’s…

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