Celebrate: birthday memories

The best party I have ever been thrown was a tea party for my 7th birthday(that may be where my favorite number came from…). I remember my friend Elisa and bestfriend Rebekah was there. We dressed up in our frilly dresses and sun hats. That’s pretty much ALL I remember, but that’s all you need right! It is engraved in my mind. It was perfect!

Then we jump to the year I turned 11. I had just moved to TX from KY, the year before and I had already made friends. So my mom let me have a birthday party. I invited a bunch of girls and celebrated my birthday. And we had a sleep over too! I remember we had a cookie cake.

12th birthday, I took four friends with me to the Dallas galleria to go iceskating! It was so much fun!

Then for my 13th birthday I had a scavenger hunt at grapevine mills. Where my friends and I were on teams and going through the mall searching for the things on the list.

Then on my 16th birthday, I decided to go to trail dust steakhouse (I mean, they had a huge slide that came to the dance floor) with a huge amount of friends! ‘Twas fun!

18th birthday, I wanted to celebrate by having a party at a gelato shop with all my friends!

Then I turned 21, my sister threw me an Audrey Hepburn birthday party! Where all of girlfriends dressed up in their version of Audrey Hepburn! I was obsessed with Audrey (and who wouldn’t be, really!) it was slightly a surprise too. We met everyone in the lobby of the Stoneleigh hotel in downtown Dallas, then we ate at an Italian restaurant & came back to the hotel room my sister rented for the night. Seriously one of the best days ever!

Then for 24th birthday my friend HannahBeth decided to throw my friends and I, a combined birthday party at her Apt. It was so much fun and it was a total humbling experience when people I didn’t even know gave me gifts! How sweet!

And every other birthday I haven’t mentioned yet, were celebrated with my loved ones!
I also go shopping every year too! ; ) it’s just something that I love doing!

Well, there you have it! – Ryn


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