Celebrate: procrastinate beauty blog

Sorry guys for the delay in posts of yesterday’s & today’s! I’ve been bumming around today taking care of business and such! But I thought these 2 tags would be fun!

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
Doing mah hurr! I have about 3-4 hair styles I do each day, which nothing consists of blowdrying, straightening or curling my hair! (I actually just asked my hairstylist to help with teaching me how to do my hair!)

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?
Um, not on a regular basis, but I do like to wash them when I think about it! They should probably bathe soon!

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
About a few hours! I hate when my nails are chipped! I get antsy if they chip and I have no way to remove them right then, so I tend to remove the polish with my teeth… I know, super gross!

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
I’m pretty bad at this! I will ask everyone (as in family) around if they have an extra, Before I just make the purchase! It’s ridiculous!

5. What is your worst beauty habit?
Well, as a child it used to be eating lip balms. Now as you can see, I can appreciate the fine scents of a lip balm without taking a bite. But now, I would say rubbing my eyes, when tired… I don’t need to cause wrinkles! Thank you very much!

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Ironing. Hands down! I’m getting a wee bit better, but I still don’t love to iron my clothes…

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
I try not to do this! But yes, there are times when do and those times I usually skip a step in the getting ready process.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Actually I can! A few years ago I was able to take a fast of buying things for myself for a month, and it actually was a great month! And I do low-spending times though!

9. How organized is your make-up and nail polish collections?
Pretty darn organized! just last week I organized both drawers and purged a lot! It looks fantastic now!

Looking for something to blog about? Do this tag! It’ll be fun! 🙂

Oh and I tag Dominique from gusto & grace!


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