Celebrate: throwback Thursdays


I love this picture! And it’s probably not the way that you think either! I love it, because that outfit was one of my favorite outfits back in the day! It was like a 5 piece outfit, that you can mix & match. it had this fancy turtleneck, that skirt, I believe there was a jacket, a tee shirt & I want to say some leggings too! But in all seriousness I LOVED this outfit! (a part of me still wishes I had it!)


And then this was me in 6mo. baby form! Wasn’t I cute?

It’s funny, but my niece looks so much like me as a baby! It’s so weird! But I definitely don’t mind it! I just keep re-playing Ramona & Beezus movie, and How the aunt had the same personality as Ramona and the same namesake too! Unfortunately Emma isn’t named after me, but the personality can possibly be up in the running… we’ll see!


And then these are my sissybutts with me! Dyanna on top, then Heather in the middle. I think it would be funny reenacting this photo! Hah!

Do you have any photos you’d like to reenact?

– Ryn

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