Celebrate: it’s meh birthday

Today, I decided to not go to my usual birthday outing in Dallas and just explore the earth(sorry, inside joke with my friend Hannah and I!) correction: explore Fort Worth! And I gotta say, this has to be up there with one of the best I’ve ever had! Mom accompanied me today in celebrating! She’s the best companion! And it was so much fun! We went shopping, we had donuts, we had Starbucks… What more could you want?!

Here are a few highlights to my day:
Paul’s donuts… Uuh-mazing tasting donuts! Like little round pieces of heaven! If you’re in the area you should def try it!


I went to The Gap, free people, anthropologie, j.crew & Madewell…
Although I didn’t spend a thing, I did keep my eyes on some things… Which I will be purchasing soon…




Then we found ourselves going to the antique mall! Cause nothing says happy birthday quite like antique shopping! ; )


Then we headed over to 7th street and popped into dude, sweet chocolate. Such a cool place! I will warn you though, it had no place to sit and enjoy the chocolate. And if your not a fan of dark chocolate, you won’t like this place!

Then, right next door we stopped into tesky’s urban boutique.

And then onto wrare! Such a fun furniture store! I’d live there if I could!


And then finally it was time for dinner! It was my choice to go to Lee’s grilled cheese. I was just a plain jane and ordered a three cheese sandwich with tomato soup…

My fam and I dined there for dinner and dessert (oh and birthday cake was a donut cake, 64 donuts to be exact)…And gifts!


Here’s the “cake”! My sister heather(who claims that she’s not creative at all!) made this cake for me! It was perfect!!!



And so, there you have it! I’m currently in my warm pj’s, chilaxing, and about watch a movie!

How was your day?!


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