Style find: Birthday Treats


I am so thankful for everything! I was completely spoiled! And so thrilled at what I received! And cannot wait to use each & every gift! My family rocks!

Disclaimer* I’m not boasting or showing off what I received. I just want to show you what I was blessed with!

1. I’m officially now in the Rebecca Minkoff club! This bag is gorgeous! It’s the Hudson moto bag. It has a black leather body, white leather strap and gold hardware! It absolutely gorgeous! Similar styles: HERE

2. This shampoo is amazing! I’ve used this shampoo before, and it makes my hair super soft and bouncy! And it smells uhh-mazing! Can’t wait for my other shampoo to run out! ; )
Find it: HERE

3. Ahh I’m so excited to try these out! I follow Butter London on Instagram and saw their post on their new gel type base & topcoat, and I so wanted it, so I put them on my “want” list. And I can totally cross them off! Since I have em now! (I will try and have a review up here shortly!)
Order: HERE

4. Before Christmas I was strolling through Anthro with my mom, and I found this cookbook! I had just gotten back from NYC, and I just fell for it! I’ve been looking through it and I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes!
(Also, not shown, but I also received the Maste brothers cookbook! Yippee!)
You can find them: HERE & HERE

5. Gift cards/vouchers! Whatever your used to calling them! I already have a few things in mind for these babies! I think new leather driving loafers are in my future and makeup! : )

6. These didn’t actually come from my family, but I did receive them for my birthday! From Ulta, I received a full size Calvin Klein black mascara & from Sephora, I was gifted with a travel size of they’re real? Mascara & Watts up highlighter! It pays to sign up for beauty rewards!

(Also not shown, is a memory foam neck pillow from my parents! And Also some shoe laces DSW gave me for their rewards program!)

Family: thank you thank you Thank you for making my birthday so wonderful!

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed! -Ryn

Also one more thing, my friend Jenny’s birthday is today, and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday on here too! (In case she’ll read this!) happy birthday friend! Love you!


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