DIY Friday: Pom Pom necklace


Happy V-day!!! Whether you are single, taken, engaged or married up, I hope today is the best for you!

Tonight, I’m staying home. Working on a few projects and I’ll probably eat some chocolate, curl up and watch The Vow… Whoop whoop!

Now unfortunately this DIY isn’t necessarily valentines day related, but it is a way to add spunk and fun into your wardrobe!

What you’ll need to gather:


Yarn (I used recycled sari yarn & linen yarn, which you can buy: HERE & HERE)
2 needle nose pliers
1 large jump ring
2 small jump rings
30″-36″ small metal jewelry chain
Big tined fork

1. Make your Pom Pom.
Use the fork, wrap the yarn around the tines about 20-25 times. The cut the end. Then cut a piece from the yarn. Then wrap the piece around the middle of the wrapped fork vertically. Then slip the wrapped yarn off of the fork. Then tie the string as tight as you can around the middle. Then you’ll snip the loops, until you have yarn strips. Then you’ll squish the two sides and trim until the ball looks like a Pom Pom.



2. Then you’ll tie the large jump ring onto the Pom Pom with the tails of the middle string.


3. You’ll then attach the findings to your chain.

4. Then trim anything that looks scraggly.

5. You’re done! Yay! Wear it out!


If you’re not too keen on making a Pom Pom necklace, I’ll be adding a few in my store soon!

Enjoy! -Ryn







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