Things in my noggin: what’s new!

What to write, what to write….

Well, this past weekend I was able to teach to classes for ETADallas which was very fun! One of the classes was on fashion and detail and the other one was on DIY! I also set up shop there in the vendor hall! My booth looked superb! But the unfortunate thing was I didn’t sell very much, but then again, I did give away some product, so I wasn’t disappointed there!

My earring collection is coming soon! The collection is called “mixed metals”! I’m so excited for this collection! It’s so amazing! It’ll debut on

I’ll be posting some of the garments I’ve made from scratch on here, if any of y’all are interesting in making your own clothing!!! And I’ll be posting the newer DIY’s in the coming weeks & months too!

Also, I’m going to try and post some style looks! Hopefully!

How was your weekend?

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