Styled: EMIC women

I LOVE being a blessing! You could be reading this and you’re like “whaaaa?” “Don’t you know that’s a lost cause?” “They’re taking advantage of you! Ehhh, wrong. It’s not! They’re not. I don’t believe it! I love being a blessing to others! I thinks it’s one of my love languages… But more importantly it goes with my career! You can always help someone dress and have an encouraging word for them!

But anyway, back to who I styled-

I had the privilege to style these 7 lovely ladies, while their church had a ladies shopping day out in Southlake TX.

Each lady was so pretty in their own way! And I admired that they asked for help in their dressing!





And two women aren’t pictured! (Your math isn’t wrong! fyi) But they were awesome too!

I so love making connections and love meeting new people! It’s my favorite!

And I’ve come to the conclusion, women are more alike than we think! We all have insecurities. We all have struggles. You think, you’re the only one, but your obstacle could be just like someone else’s! You could have the same struggle you do! It’s each of our responsibilities to build each other up. Not let our insecurities kick others when they’re already down. I’m not sure why women have insecurities & struggles, and how it weighs heavy on our shoulders. But I do know, that we should lift others up and encourage them and lift they’re spirits! Because when it comes down to it, we’re ALL beautiful inside and out!

I hope this encouraged you to encourage, maybe a sister, mother, friend, neighbor… Whoever needs a little spec of beautiful in their lives!

-Ryn : )


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