Beauty Find: Kat Von D lipgloss

Kat Von D

I haven’t bought this yet… Because I really don’t need another lip product! But I was testing these in sephora the other day, and I tested the orange (a-go-go) one on the back of my hand, and it literally stayed ALL day! And into the night to the next morning too! Just imagine how it’ll stay on your lips! I first saw it on coffeebreakwithdani’s channel while she had a haul. And so I was curious as to how it holds up and I’m pretty hooked! It’s suuuuuper pigmented & has the lasting power, every woman is striving for… Plus the orange is “IN” right now!

I may buy it, but I may wait… Who knows really! I do know I need another lip color like i need shoes… Okay, Bad analogy, let’s face it, I always NEED shoes, okay maybe “NEED” is a relative term! I really enjoy shoes which I like buying! I think I inherited that trait…

Any new products you want to buy and treat yourself to?

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