Beauty Find: Neon nails

She’s always buzzing like neon, neon…

The other day I was working as stylist, and I popped into sephora, because, I mean it was SEPHORA! Ah, sephora…
And a nail polish caught my eye. (Darn nailpolish!) and it was an illamasqua nail varnish in ‘Rare’ which is a vibrant highlighter yellow, my favorite neon color btw! And so I bought it, but I just couldn’t really justify buying it since it costs $17! Kind of steep for a nail polish! And this, coming from a girl who buys Butter London at $15 a bottle, but the two dollars extra seems steeper, ya know? (Not saying I’ll never buy illamasqua nailpolish, probably will when on vacation or a business trip, where I can’t possibly return it šŸ˜‰) but after I bought this nail polish, I suddenly felt remorse and decided to return it. But I still envisioned that highlighter yellow on my fingernails. Imagine with me , an entirely black outfit with these highlighter yellow nails, smokey eyes, a pretty lip…awe I can just see it now, you can see it now, right?!…perfection!

So I went to Ulta a few days later and looked through every nailpolish shelf until I found the highlighter yellow that I wanted! I finally found it and it was a fabulous China Glaze polish! It was a fraction of the cost of the illamasqua version! PTL! And the only difference is the china glaze is more matte than the illamasqua one and it’s a tinge more green. Just a different dye lot. But other than that they are the same! Can’t wait to wear it!

Totally a dupe!




Any dupes you’re loving? Comment below!

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