DIY Friday: elasticized ankle pants


How chic are those elasticized ankle silk or rayon joggers?!
I know there not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think they’re so cute!

I figured out a way to DIY some silk pants I found in my mom’s closet! Of all places! I found a black pair and a brown pair! They were regular unflattering straight leg pants until I took a needle, scissors, safety pin, thread & elastic to them!

And here’s how I made them!
What to gather:
Elastic (I used 1 1/2in elastic and cut mine down, but you can use the width that fits in the hem of the pant)
Safety pin
Embroidery thread (whatever color that matches your pants best)

1. Cut the side seam on the cuff inside of the pant. Try not to cut the pants.

2. Take the safety pin and pin it to your elastic. (Don’t cut your elastic yet.) Then you’ll thread it through the hem. And as it gathers, make sure you feed it through to the other side. Then you eyeball the length of the elastic to figure out if your foot will fit. Then cut the elastic.


3. Overlap the elastic, make sure it’s not twisted, and sew an overlapping rectangle to stitch the elastic ends together.
Then feed the overlapped part, into the hem. And then overlap the side seam of the cuff with straight pens. Then you’ll take your needle and thread, knot the end of thread, and stitch up the seam. Tie it off.


And then your as good as gold!


Disregard the mess in the background! Eek!

Start coming up with uber cute outfits!
Hopefully this tutorial wasn’t too hard to understand! But if you have any questions, email me at: : )

And follow me on the gram, Instagram that is: @Rynb

Love y’all, Ryn


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