Things In My Noggin: drugstore make up & fabric

How do you like my new lip color?! It’s MAC Saigon Summer!

Two things that I REALLY want to do! (Ok, maybe 3!) I want to sit in a drugstore, pull up a chair and just relax! As funny as that may sound, that’s what I want to do. Act as if I’m at Barnes and noble and checking out a new book or magazine. But in the instance, cosmetics! I would also like to spend about $50 on things just to try and share with you! I’ve said this before, but why not say it again, I’m not one to buy make up from a drugstore. But I’m definitely dipping my toeseys into it!

Next, I want to buy fabric! A lot of it! This may seem weird to you, but a fabric store scratch that! A good fabric store! I found out quickly, when I was in NYC, that Mood fabrics is my happy place! Or almost any fabric store in the garment district! ; ) but I just want to feel the softness between my fingers, imagine the possibilities, feeling the textures! Ahhh, doesn’t that sound dreamy?!
To each, his own!

And thirdly, I want to in New York! I want to go, I want to be there, I want to explore! Ok now I’m done! My rant is over! Thanks!

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