DIY Friday: Bien shirt

Did you know that clothes cannot be copyrighted? It’s true! Unless it has a trademark or copy write symbol to the right of the design printed on the item of clothing, you shouldn’t copy it and/or sell it. But in this case, you need not worry! 1. They can’t copyright a French word. 2. you’re not selling it. 3. if you were to sell it, just change 19 things from the original.  But the “actual” garment cannot be copyrighted.

All that to say, I DIY’d a shirt to be like a sweatshirt I saw at Madewell! The bien fiat sweatshirt to be exact!


But, at the time that I made this shirt I didn’t realize they, as in Madewell, put FIAT on the back, so my shirt just says, “BIEN”. Which in French it means “well” or “good”… So that’s good!

I just want to point out, This shirt is so easy to make!

Whatchoo need for this project:
Iron on letters (I found mine from hobby lobby)
T-shirt {I used a Men’s shirt, for a looser vibe}
Phrase, word, saying or inspiration { such as Bien}
Iron & ironing board

1. Lay your tee out on the ironing board.
2. Figure out where you would like the letters to go.

3. Then you peel the backing off of the letters and place them correctly, there will be a sticky backing to them, but it helps for placing them correctly… No typos please!


4. You then, will iron them onto the shirt.

5. For added stability you could go around each letter with the in-and-out stitch. You could use the same color as the letter or throw in some color of embroidery thread!


Amour il! Love it!

Then you are Fini! {French word for finished! 🙂 }

You can definitely pair this tee with jeans, cardi and sandals…

Or you could pair it with a pencil skirt, heels and scarf.

Bien Tee, Denim Cutoffs, Converse.

Silk or rayon  joggers, Bien Tee, sandals.

Maxi skirt, half tucked Bien tee, denim jacket and sandals.

Oh, The options are definitely endless!

Whatever the outfit, your best accessory is your smile!

Until Monday, enjoy your weekend!! – Ryn


P.s. This shirt only costs $9.00 for me to make… Shweet!


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