Foodie Review: Mamma Chia


I am so excited to tell you about this product!!! I cannot rave about this company enough! They’re THAT great!


I was so kindly sent Mamma Chia product from the Mamma Chia company to try and review!

Awhile ago, I heard about the chia squeeze pouches from Kandee Johnson, beauty guru from YouTube.
I was intrigued about them and I wanted to try them out. I seem to be a chia seed connoisseur… So I said, “Hey Jack, why not?”


I then bought my first two chia squeezes back in the beginning of March from Wholefoods, so when I was teaching/ styling/jewelry making(or forgetting to eat breakfast), I’d have something to munch on. And after actually trying them, I.was.hooked!
They almost seem like a fruity dessert. (I’ve been tempted to eat one or two for no reason other than it’s kind of sweet, as a dessert, but I’ve resisted.)

They are so perfect for a fast & easy snack… Healthy & delicious too! I love to have a squeeze in my purse at all times, because:

A. They’re super yummy
B. They’re compact, to where I can put it in my purse without adding to bulk & clutter.
C. Chia seeds are loaded with amazing benefits for your body!
D. It’s great for you to eat on the go!
E. Chia seeds are super filling.


The added benefits to each Chia Squeeze: Chia+Fruit+vegetables, 1200 mg Omega-3, Good source of Fiber & 70 calories in each packet.


If you have either never tried Mamma Chia products before or you have & you want to know more about them, let me give you the reader’s digest run down on them:
They are made in California. Made in USA.
They are somewhat slimy in texture
Gluten free
100% organic
They give you a dose of fiber.
And energy.
They’re great for you!
They come in squeeze pouches. (The same pouches, baby food comes in.)
They have 6 flavors; Cinnamon Apple, Strawberry Banana, Mango Coconut, Green Magic, Wild Raspberry & Blackberry Bliss.
They have many Mamma Chia Vitality drinks: Cranberry Lemonade, Cherry Lime, Pomegranate Mint, Blackberry Hibiscus, Coconut Mango, Raspberry Passion, Kiwi Lime, Guava Mamma, Grapefruit Ginger.

You can find mamma chia products at: Kroger, Sprout’s, Costco, Wholefoods, Central Market, etc. For more information, go to: mamma chia

Whether you are a Doctor, Student, Cashier, Bank Teller, Model, or even a wardrobe stylist like me, you NEED to try one of these! They’re so good on the go or for a quick and easy snack!

{Thank you Mamma chia for sending me your products! I adore them! I really truly appreciate it!}

Thanks so much for reading y’all!
❤️ -Ryn
P.S. I’ve already tried the blackberry bliss, cinnamon apple & strawberry banana! I really liked the strawberry banana & cinnamon apple… The blackberry bliss one was okay, a bit tart, but I’d eat it again…

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