Beauty Fyle: Empties

This is the first time I have ever done this, an empties article. I have just a few empties to tell you about… There are a few that I wouldn’t give ya a nickel for! And I have several products I absolutely would like to use again! And I think I have a few iffies too!

Well, let’s get to it shall we?


This is the loot! I know it looks like a haul, but I can assure you, it’s not. They are all either empty or close to being empty.

1. Amika color pherfection shampoo
I loved this shampoo, err, correction my hair loved this shampoo! It did everything you look for in a shampoo: made my hair; soft, shiny, wavy, etc! I definitely purchase again! I’m actually using the sister shampoo to this, the balancing one. It does come with a heftier price tag… $15.98 for 8.5 US fl.oz. but it is worth it! Oh and the smell is phenomenal!

2. Acure Moroccan Argan stem cell + Argan oil conditioner, that’s a mouthful! But, I did like it! I didn’t notice a vast difference, to say a fructise conditioner. But overall it an ok “healthier” option for you! Although the smell is quite enticing, but I would say that, it smells like almond extract! This conditioner retails for $10.99 for 12 oz.

3. Acure Moroccan Argan stem cell + Argan oil shampoo.
This was waaaay better than the conditioner! I loved this stuff! Mostly because of the scent, but I enjoyed the other benefits too! It did make my hair very shiny, which is always an added bonus for me! I would most likely buy this again. And it’s also $10.99 for 12 oz.

3. Fekkai advanced brilliant glossing olive oil shampoo. This stuff was amazing to use. It was so good, wish I had a bigger bottle! The scent is very clean & fresh, but not to overpowering. I really enjoyed this product. It retails for $20.00 for 8 fl.oz. So a bit pricey!

4. Organix nourishing coconut milk conditioner. This stuff is great for the price. I really like using it. The smells like sweet coconut! It’s amazing! So, I would purchase it again. Retails for $8.99 for 13 fl.oz.

5. Ahava velvet cream wash in the scent Hibiscus & Fig. This is uhh-mazing! It smells fantastic! It feels amazing on your skin. It just all around great! It costs $13.99 for 17 fl.oz.

6. Amika revitalizing olive oil shampoo.
I hate this stuff! I now know why it was at Marshall’s… It made my hair sooo greasy! Usually I can go with 2-4 days without washing my hair… Not with this stuff! One day was the max of what it would do! And it made my hair lifeless! A total disappointment! It smelled great though! I’m sad I paid even $5.99 for it! Blech!

1. Not your mother’s beach babe texturizing spray. I really like this stuff! It definitely does what it says! It add just enough texture, that I keep buying this stuff! And they also have travel sizes too! And the smell is very beachy/ coconutty. And I really like the bottle it’s in. $5.99 for 8 fl.oz

2. Bed Head TIGI Oh Bee hive! Matte Dry shampoo. The smell was amazing put I didn’t feel like it was anything spectacular to it. But I’m glad I tried it. At first, I thought it was clear, I even shook it but none of the powder let loose until the 3rd use. So that was a let down when figuring out it was white. Clear dry-shampoo would be amazing! I don’t think it’s worth $18.98 for 5 fl.oz.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo; a hint of colour dark & deep brown. This here is the ultimate dry shampoo! I adore this stuff & so does my hair! It adds volume, It smells amazing, it cleans my head of hair & it blends well with my hair color! Without a doubt, I call this stuff my favorite! And all of the other scents of batiste too! $8.99 for 6.73 fl.oz.

4. Dove Refresh+Care Dry shampoo. This is runner up at to being my favorite! It’s so good. I enjoy using it. It’s definitely a keeper, my hair seems to like it. It’s a good one to have on hand. $3.99 for 5 fl.oz.


1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free gel cream. Long name! This face moisturizer has the weirdest consistency! Yet it’s super moisturizing… Surprisingly! This is just a sample foil packet, I may need to try it again. But I’m pretty sure I would purchase it though! For a full size bottle at 4.2fl.oz. at $26.50

2. Nerium AD Day Cream. This stuff is seriously amazing! I’ve been using this for about 3 months and it has changed my entire face! You need to try it! For 1 fl.oz it’s $40.

3. Nerium AD night serum. This stuff has revolutionized my ideas on anti-wrinkle, because it doesn’t just target wrinkles, it targets acne, rosacea, dryness, etc! It’s so so great! My skin has been renewed! It’s $80-$110* for 1 fl.oz.

4. Kiehl’s musk eau de toilette. This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite perfumes! It is a unisex scent. But it’s just a perfect scent. Not too feminine, not too masculine… In the words of little red riding hood, it’s juuuust right! It has a woodsey-ish vibe. But I just really like it! It’s $42.00 for 1.7 fl.oz.

So, there you have it! Those are my empties, hope you enjoyed!

*for more information about neriumAD, go to
I’m telling you, it will totally change your skin! It’s even gluten-free & patented!

Hope your Easter/Resurrection weekend was amazing! What was your favorite part?!

Today, I will be exercising! To burn as much calories that I can, since I consumed soo many yesterday! Eek!

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Love y’all! -Ryn


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