Beauty Find: Art paint Brushes

A while back, I instagrammed a few art brushes I picked up… For my face! Yeah you read that correctly, I bought art paint brushes for my face. I bought two so far, but I’m looking for the perfect one for my lips.

Years ago, before my sister was a tried and true make-up wiz, she dabbled in experimenting.(who am I kidding, she still experiments!) well, she decided to give art brushes a try… I’m not entirely sure if she still does, but that little story has kept with me for years. Now I’m experimenting. Which I must say I’m quite impressed! I only have two brushes, but those brushes are rockstars for my face! I suggest buying them from with quality. Don’t just buy the 5pack of paintbrushes you get at Walmart. No, you’ll need to go to a local art store or hobby lobby/Michael’s. That’s the only way it’ll be close to what you want! I also have not tried one for foundation, but you’re more than welcome to try them out…Let me know how they are!

My eyebrows are so precise and luscious, just yesterday I was oohing and ahhhing over them all day, thy looked so good! (Should have snapped a pic for ya!)
But seriously this brush has transformed my eyebrows.
The shape of this brush is 1/4″ angular shader and the brand is Princeton select. I bought it at my local art store, Asel art supply. And just the price alone is worth it, it’s a fraction of the cost of a name brand brush! I think I paid around $2.00 for it! And it has worked wonders. Plus who doesn’t like the color of the handle?! Tiffany blue… My favorite ; )

An then I bought the “eyeliner” brush, for when I use gel liner. It’s not as precise as some may like it, but I usually always do a smudged eyeliner look. The info on this brush: Princeton select 1 round.

I didn’t have a clue, as to how to pick the right brushes. I just knew from looking at the brushes at Nordstrom, MAC & sephora. And that’s how I picked.
And as I said before, I now want a lip brush! So that be my next $2.00 brush!

I double dog dare you to buy and use an art brush for make-up purposes! ; )

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! -Ryn
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