DIY Friday: Patched Knees

Example A: Anthropologie $98

Example B: Free People $128

Do ever look in catalogs, such as: anthropologie and free people, and sit and think I could so make that!? Or you go into a shop and say I could so do a DIY on that!?
Whelp, guys that’s how I feel when I go shopping. I just love to be creative! To dip my hands into something artsy. Get my hands dirty. Give it my own spin to it! It’s not even about saving money, because I know I’ll make it better than any store bought item! I’ll customize it to my liking! The options a limitless, guys!

Now, other times I’d much rather buy that said item. But for the times when really those items are so easy a cave woman could do it and not pay $108 (give or take a few) for it, then it’s crunch time! Those times are the best times… Like for real! When a lightbulb turns on in your head, and you’re like “um I could diy this item for about $20!” “I could totally do this myself!
You might as well grab a friend and do this DIY, cause it’s super fun!

What you need to gather:
Skinny or boyfriend jeans (I used oldnavy rockstar jeans)
Fabric ( I used floral flannel, but you could use pretty much anything!)
Embroidery thread (use only three strands of it. You’ll have to separate it.)
Pins & needle


1. You’ll want to try on your jeans, bend your knees slightly or sit all the way down. Then use the pencil to draw a dot of where your knee is.

2. Next, you’ll take your fabric, if it rips well(basically if it’s cotton, silk or rayon) or if not, cut or tear you fabric, to get two 13″x 5″ rectangles.

3. You’ll then lay your pants out, face up, place the fabric rectangles on top of the penciled marks where your knees are, smooth it out and pin the fabric to the pant. All four corners, and each side. (Make sure you didn’t catch both layers of the pant, you’ll want to get your leg through the leg opening!)

4. When it’s all pinned, you’ll then want to thread the needle with three strands of the embroidery thread. Tie it in a knot.

5. Then you’ll take the needle and thread and go into the pant leg, come up an 1/8th of an inch onto the knee patch, then you’ll dip it back into the jeans. What we’re doing is the blanket stitch.
6. So once you’ve practiced and established the stitch. Go around the rectangle on the pant with blanket stitch and then tie it off.

7. You’ll then want to post it onto Instagram and Twitter. So make sure you hashtag #sbrdiy please, so I can see them too!

Hope you enjoy!
Enjoy your weekend!
Thanks for reading!
And be sure to follow me on IG: @RynB : )


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