Beauty Fyle: pink lips

Just as I said orange lips were “IN” for spring & summer in this Post, so are pinks! I was just looking at Ken Downing’s the NM LIST for spring 2014, and pink lips just so happen to be on the list! I for one love rocking some vibrant pink lips! They are so easy to sport. And easy to maintain as well!

Here are just a few shades of pink, out of my rather large lipstick/gloss collection!

(I must add this, after taking pics of these and for the orange lips post, my lips were raw! Completely raw! My bestie that night was EOS lipbalm & water! So I advise you to not try on 36 shades at home at one sitting! Your lips with thank you… Or me…or whoever!)
(and why I say 36 shades is because I took pics the night before and the lighting was terrible, so then I retook them the next day and got the looks I wanted!)

Here are my favorites to sport:


Disclaimer: When wearing highly pigmented Lipsticks or lipglosses, Make sure to use a lip scrub before you apply your lipcolor. it gives a nice voluptuous, smooth & plumpiness to your lips


Bare Minerals ‘Pretty Amazing’ Lip Lacquer in Ambition.

I think this is a soft vibrant color, if that makes sense! It ‘s highly pigmented, but its not in your face bold, like any of the MAC lipsticks! But I like the color, its a nice tube to grab & go for an out & about day.


Rimmel ‘Show-off’ Lip Lacquer in Stellar

I really really like this brand & the item itself! I think I have most of the colors from this line, and if not, I should! I cannot rave about this more than I already am! They staying power is overwhelmingly good! I just love to have a shade in my bag at ALL times! You need to get your hiney to ulta, Walmart, Target…Wherever and get yourself a tube! They’re fantastic!


MAC Girl About Town (amplified)

This is such a great color! It’s so bright, but also deep. It’s such a pretty magenta color. Such a pigmented color. it does act like a stain, but it doesn’t have a matte texture to it.


MAC Candy Yum-Yum A63 (Matte)

Well, the First time I wore it around my niece, She cried… But that didn’t stop me from wearing it though! I Really like this color! It’s blue-y pink. Basically a neon pink.  I really like wering this shade in the heat of summer. Not sure why, I just do!


MAC Impassioned A60 (Amplified)

I think this one of the Best shades Mac makes. It’s bright, fun & cheery! I love to wear this color!


MAC Viva Glam Nicki (Satin)

I love this color! It’s a shocking pink. But sooo fun! I adore wearing this! I do need to scruff my lips and moisturize before wearing this color though. it shows dryness, which isn’t cool! but other than that, I have no complaints!


And Lastly, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

It such a nice color to throw on. It’s not my “Most” Favorite, but I still really like it! It’s quite sheer, which I don’t like as much. but its a nice color. I like some NYX’s other colors a little bit more, they are a bit more pigmented and stays on the lips a bit longer than this one, but over all I still like this one!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading!

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Have a wonderful day! – Ryn

P.S. Next week I’ll be posting a fun Lipstick post on the lasting power of some brands I like! You may see a few of these, and see how good the actually are!


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