Etsy Find Friday: Always Rooney

My life is… Well it’s great! But I was convinced that this was DIY Friday, so last night I decided to take pictures of my DIY and then I finally looked at the schedule and DIY Friday is next week! So, I will put those photos on hold until next week! Oh my!

Onto other news, here is the Etsy find for this week!

I am a sucker for passport cases! I will go into a store, such as j.crew or Neiman Marcus and swoon over a passport case. I think I’ve owned 3 passport cases, at the same time… And I don’t even have a passport yet! Oh vey! But I then found a fellow bloggers: Courtney from Always Rooney’s etsy page and well the rest is history! I adore those passport covers!!! And the luggage cases are adorable as well! Those polka dots, ugh! I’m a slight sucker for polka dots!

Passport case | $25

Polka dot luggage tag | $15


Polka-dot passport case | $25


Arrow luggage tag | $15

The other awesome thing that Courtney does is she can hand-stamp each of the items you buy! Pretty awesome!

I hope you get with it and order from this girl's awesome shop! Cause you really need to!
Oh and don't forget to go follow her blog: Always Rooney while you’re at it!

Well, until next time! Have a happy weekend!!! Thanks for reading!
And hopefully wherever you are, you have pleasant spring weather & enjoy it too!
xo -Ryn ( ;


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