Beauty Fyle: All in a days lips…

As promised, I put my “long lasting” lipsticks to the test! I tried each one on and took a drink… And a picture. ; )
Here are the results! Are you ready?!

So I’m listing them in order from: Ehh… to it’s amazing!

So first off:
MAC Saigon summer (cremesheen)


This lip color wasn’t long lasting. After multiple sips, it didn’t hold onto my lips as much as I would have liked. Still a pretty color, so if you don’t mind reapplying you’re good!

MAC Viva glam Nicki (satin)
Ehh it stand on my lips after 3 sips, but I had to squish my lips together to move the color on my lips to make it look presentable again.



Revlon colorburst matte balm in “audacious” I took just one sip and it was already wearing off but it does stain the lips a little…



Pop beauty chubby stick in “fuchsia flirt” this color wears off after just two sips! But it does stain the lips.



BareMinerals pretty amazing in “charisma” I love the texture of this lip product! I did take a sip and a lot came off, but my lips still looked fabulous! Fortunately unfortunately it did not stain my lips…



Rimmel London Show Off in “Big Bang” this stuff is great! It stays on the lips after multiple sipping! It’s long lasting and stains the lips!



NYX lip ceam in “Morocco” this stuff is incredible! It stays on the lips after many sips. And it still looks great!



MAC Russian Red (matte)
This shade/ all matte shades of MAC are pretty long lasting! After several sips it stays! It is a stainer, so that’s good!



Tarte LipSurgence in “exposed”
It lasted the 3 sip test and it stayed beautifully! Such a great product!



And here are 2 tips in case you want longer lasting lips with the colors you already have:
1. Use concealer all over your lips, then use a setting powder and cover your lips. Then use your lip color of choice. It usually helps the lip color to stay put.
2. Use a lip pencil, outline your lips and then fill it in. Then use a lipstick on top of it. Should stay there for awhile!

Well there we have it! I tested my tried and true lip products that I love! And it has now pointed you in the right direction!
Do you have a long lasting lip product to share? Comment below please!

See you on Wednesday for a product review!!!
Until then, happy Monday & thanks for reading! -Ryn

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