Beauty Review: Batiste Dry shampoo

I’m not usually one to obsess over what my hair looks like, but that’s not to say I don’t like not looking presentable. I’m just not one to spend a whole lot of time & effort on my locks. Curling irons and I have not been acquainted correctly. I mean, I see all of these women who have these beautiful curled coiffeurs, and I’m like, how can I do that?! Can someone please show me? Pinterest, YouTube, anyone please?! I’ve even asked my hairdresser for help, she told me to practice at home… I’ve done it, and it looks like a kindergartener did my hair. I need serious help.
Buuuut I have had great success with day old hair, dry shampoo, and a texturizing spray! I think I have mastered it in one sense of styling my hair!

In other news, I was going on 3 day hair(it was a GREAT hair day!) and a friend of mine commented on my hair, at how styled & put together it looked! Now granted, I usually wear my hair up when I’m around him, but ya know, it still looked good on 3 day hair!
I wanted to blurt out, “THANKS, it’s 3 day hair!!! But the male species is a little unfamiliar with 1, 2, or 3 day hair, and how excited women get over day old hair… Let alone 3 days! But, that’s why I’m telling you! If you’re wary of going a day with out shampooing, no need to fret, dry shampoo will be your bestest friend!
And I am here to let you in on my hair’s secret weapon, my most favorite dry shampoo… BATISTE!!! History lesson: Batiste Dry shampoos have been around since 1975! Over 35 years of making wonderful products for your hair!

I adore it! The smell alone is incredible! But the way it gives my long hair oomph and lift, it’s phenomenal! I’ve used many different dry shampoos, and nothing compares to batiste! It’s amazing.


I was sent 2 out of 3. And I have tried all of them! My most favorite one is the Batiste Dark & Deep Brown. It’s uhh-mazing! But the other two are in the running as being in second place!
The brush out time is minimal and I just really like it!

*now I will note, when using the colored batiste dry shampoos, that when spraying this, you’ll soon notice your counter looking dingier, not to worry, it’ll wipe clean with a washcloth & water.
Also, if you are a brunette like I am and you blow your nose after spraying the dry shampoo, there’s a tendency where you will have black/grey come out of your nose. It’s not harming just alarming! And if you need to scratch your head throughout the day when using the colored dry shampoo, you will get dirty fingernails faster. Just sayin!
But if you can set those 3 things aside, then you really need to pick yourself up some! Trust me, you’ll like it!

Here is a step by step process:

1.) get yourself some dirty hair… Preferably your own.

2.) Spray your hair with the batiste dry shampoo. I spray it in the middle part, from back to front, side parts and the hair by my temples. I then let it sit for 1-2 minutes.

3.) I then brush it out.

4.) I then spritz some sea-salt spray in my locks and leave! It’s fantastic!

This may sound strange and odd to you, but I love my hair when I have worked out a few times. The salt from the sweat gives it extra bounce and lift, and I can work in my batiste and more sea salt spray! Perfect perfect combo!

This product has change my thoughts on dry shampoos and revitalized my head o’hair. Making those in-between washings a breeze, adding body & texture to my hair in a snap… Or a spray!
I just hope you’ll go out and get some! That I have pushed you to the dark side…er, I mean, light side of life!

Thanks for reading!! -Ryn

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