DIY Friday: Fringe tee

Since fringe is so in style right now, this is the perfect DIY for you. It’s simple, easy and super cute!




For this fringe tee, I was thinking about using neon fringe. But I really didn’t think I would actually wear it…At all! I’m thinking only tone-on-tone will actually work for this t-shirt. You do not want this to look “homemade”. You want this to look sleek. So I used 2″ fringe, but I could have used 4″-6″, for sure! Feel free to do so!

Here’s what you’ll need:
T shirt
1/2 yard of Fringe(I bought mine HERE)
Embroidery floss

1. Lay out your shirt. And find the center back of the neckline and pin it.
2. Then you’ll want to pin the fringe to the neckline. Make sure your head will go through the neckline. (If you are using non-elasticized fringe then, you may need to stretch the neck out a bit. ) Then fold the fringe inward to overlap and pin it.
3. Separate the embroidery floss in two groups of threes.
4. You’ll then take take your needle, thread it with your embroidery floss and then knot the end. And then you will do the in&out stitch around the neckline.
5. You’ll then roll up the sleeves and and stitch them down( this step is optional)
6. And then take a pic of it and put it on Instagram, tag me @RynB and use the hashtag: #SBRDIY! You might aswell follow me too! ; )


And then you’re finished! How easy is that?!
Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks for reading, Ryn


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