Etsy Find Friday: Corscandles

Happy Friday y’all! I hope you are all enjoying today! For me it started out as a great day, because I was packing up some earrings to ship out! I love being able to bless others! It’s so fun. Pay it forward, that’s a phrase I like to live by. That, and blessed to be a blessing. So I’d like to know how your blessed to blessing? Leave me a comment on how you pay it forward to others! I’d love to hear!

And in other news, I just found this incredible candle company! I just love candles it just sets a mood ya know!
These candles are made in New York and they are vegan. They are gorgeous when they are burning! See?


It looks like a little mountain scape. Amazing!


I encourage you to buy from Corscandles, show ‘Em some love!


Buy these candles for your child’s teacher, a babysitter, your mom, grandmother, sister, friend, etc! These are amazing! And they come in different scents too. I’m thinking about buying one for my wonderful mom, since I have yet to buy her anything for Mother’s Day… Oops!

The candle pricing ranges from $9.00-$25.00 for 100% organic vegan wax candles that give off the best ambience I’ve seen lately! You can find them: HERE and HERE

But remember, it seems a bit pricey, but really, if you buy candles from bath & body works, which charge I believe, their candles are around $22, these candles aren’t really THAT Expensive! You would be missing the one on one connection with the candle maker, if you chose to buy candles from a big box store. So I’ll go small, and buy from a small business, thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Etsy find Friday!
See you on Monday! Enjoy your weekend. -Ryn


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