Beauty Find: 100% pure body cream

Oh my goodness! This stuff is amazing!

I’m not one to really enjoy putting lotion on my body, this stuff is so delicious smelling & yummy feeling! It’s so luxurious on the skin, to where it melts on the skin!

My mom was actually the one who got me hooked, and I am so glad she did!
I bought bottles the other day, not because I needed lotion or anything… but they had a buy one, get one free deal going on! Which is actually quite good, since retail for one full-size bottle (8oz) is $17. So that means I bought two for $8.50! Not bad, not bad!
I totally recommend this product. It just melts on your skin, creating such a lovely sheen on your skin! Also it is gluten free, 100% natural & vegan. 100% pure!


I really like the scents: lavender, eucalyptus, honey almond & coconut buttercream! So yummy smelling!
You can purchase these from ulta, Duane Reade and also HERE.

You will not regret purchasing this stuff. It truly amazing!

Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you on Wednesday! -Ryn

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