Music Find: JohnnySwim

Um, can I just say this duo is amazing! Have you heard their music? If you have not you definitely SHOULD! It’s incredible. They are a cross between The Civil Wars and Bryan & Katie Torwalt, With a bit more soul flair! Love love love their tunes!

I just bought there new album which came out on April 21, 2014. And I cannot stop listening to it! It’s so good. I’m even thinking about getting their EP called “heartbeats” both are so good!
The “diamonds” album makes me want to pack my bags and go to Paris for an extended period of time! And go on an adventure! Sound splendid.

My favorites songson the diamonds album:
1. Diamonds
3. A million years
4. Closer
5. Live while we’re young
7. Take the world
8. Paris in June
9. You and I
12. Over

So basically the entire album! Hah! Anyways you should check them out! They’re so good!

Hope your week is going great! Mine has been a wee bit rocky, but I’ve had a few highlights too! So that’s ALWAYS a perk!
See ya on Friday! Let’s get our DIY on!

P.S. If you are in the DFW area!

: )


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