DIY Friday: patched jeans


This DIY is perfect for patching holey jeans all in the wrong places! If you’re like me, I’m just going to say it, my rub together, and well it adds friction to my jeans sometimes and adds holes in unwanted places! That happen here with these jeans and I love the fit and everything, it wasn’t there time to get thrown out! So I added some denim scraps to them and it came out like these! Whole new pants, I would say. And I get sooo many compliments on them! They’re so great.


What you’ll need to gather:
Embroidery floss
Denim fabric (3-4 different patterns or colors)
Needle & pins

Here is the How-To:
1.) Lay your jeans out. If there are holes where there is thigh rubbage, you’ll want to tackle that area first.
2.) Cut your denim fabric in different sizes. You do not want them all the same size. Some can be, but not all.
3.) Thread your needle with three strands of the floss, if you use all six strands, you won’t be hap ping, it seems to seize up and twist & turn, resulting in you getting upset! So just stick to three. Then knot the end.
4.) Then place the patches where you like them. On along the side seams, knees, back pockets, etc. are all great areas to add. Please don’t forget to patch the back or your jeans. And then pin the patches in place.
5.) Then start with the running stitch it looks like this ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
You don’t need the knot to go into the inside of your pants, you can simply place in on the outside of your pants. It will look intentional. And sew in all patches.
6.) You’ll then want to iron the entire jean. To make it less bubbly.
7.) and then you’ll be finished and ready to wear them out! They seriously are the cutest on! I kinda want to make a pair in black with florals, stripes & maybe dots, with solids thrown in too!

As you can see, I styled them with a shirt I designed myself! If you want a tutorial on how I made it, let me know in the comments or by emailing me:

So enjoy and I’d love to see your creations, use hashtag #SBRDIY and also tag me: @RynB so I can see it on Instagram! You can also email me!

Anyway, hope your week was great! Mine was a bit rocky, but the weekend should be promising! It’s going to rain today, which I just love! Don’t you love when it rains?! So refreshing!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend & 4-day weekend for some! ; )

Love y’all, Ryn

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