Beauty Fyle: A lifestyle change list

First off let me say this, THANK YOU SO MUCH to the military! I am so thankful for each and every one of you! Thank you to those that risked their lives to protect me, us. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you for protecting our freedom!

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And last but not least:
So, this weeks blogs have a theme to them, making lists. If you’re not like me than you may not enjoy this post. But I thoroughly enjoy making lists and then crossing off the things that I have accomplished or done. This list isn’t really something you check off, rather it’s something to place before your eyes, it’s a reminder of how vital you actually are. It’s to embrace your flaws with open arms and to welcome change.
Let me ask you, if you died today, what would people say about you? Would you have left a legacy or rather just an empty shell you’ve been inhabiting since you were born?
I want to leave behind great things I’ve done & said.
The thing is, I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be, let’s face it, there is a lot of responsibility in being perfect, and I just don’t want it. But I can totally help my view of myself and what others think of me, to take a road to the high side of life!

I made this list to remind myself of what I want to accomplish with my personality, stance & who I want to become. And what I want to portray to others. ‘Cause I think, if you can change your outlook on life, people will begin to experience the change and effort you motivating yourself to be, such as, writing a list like this.
The thing is, at this moment, I may not be the most graceful or poised, and yet that’s what I intend to be. If I dwell on it long enough, and place it before my eyes, I’ll notice a difference with how I carry myself, and then in turn, others will too!

So, I encourage you to get out a pen or pencil & paper, or put it on the background of your phone/iPad and jot down things you would like others to experience from you, after you read my list, I hope it will encourage you to do this, that it will motivate you to change for the good! If you’re stuck on what to write down, you can always jot down the qualities you like to have or even use my list as a starting point. This list is an ever changing list, so if you don’t like something, you can delete it off or erase it and continue finding great qualities about yourself. I can totally say this, it will put you in a happier mood!

Shall I begin?

I want to be graceful & poised, like Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn.
I want to meet as many people as I can.
I want to treat people after meeting them, like we’ve been best friends for years.
I want people to say I’m good peoples.
I want to be generous. Always!
I want to worry less.
I want to see small victories everyday.
But I also want to see bigger victories too.
I want to smile often.
I want to live an adventure.
I want to love God fiercely.
I want to care less of what others think of me.
I want to be bold.
I want to live a life of a simple luxurious life.
I want to be able to encourage others to be beautiful.
I want to yearn for God in such a way.
I want to always keep learning.
I want to be mega successful in every business I have.
I want to always be trusting in God.
I want to embrace aging gracefully.
I want to have kind eyes.
I want to be stylish…always!
I want His word to be sweet on my lips.
I want to have favor where ever I go.
I want to be in tune to what The Lord is saying.
I want to always be encouraging others.
I want to always be creative.
I want others to see the potential I have.
I always want to speak kindly of others.
I also want to forgive easily.
I never want to take offense.
I want to invest in others, whether it’s time or money!
I want to give generously.
I want to be unapologetically southern.
I want to conquer all fears.
I want to speak easily.
Pray without ceasing.
Take nothing for granted.
I want my body to be as pretty as my face.

So this list only half of it, but you get the gist of it, right?
Do what you’ve always wanted to do! All of these are too far out of reach! I just encourage you to believe in yourself! Make your life a better life, others can’t change it, they can effect, but the true change can only come from you!

Thank for reading & Have a great week!
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Love y’all -Ryn


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