Style Fyle: Mostly Wardrobe Wish List

Hey Y’all Hey!

So as we continue on the subject of lists. I’m usually making a list of things I want throughout the year/ Or things I would like to get. So basically a Wish List! I think everybody should make wish lists and wardrobe wish list at that. When I’m doing an in-home style session, I always make a list of thing on should get to help them dress. So make list, either every other month or every six months. You decide the time limit. This one is more an everything list, but you get the gist of it. I have mine on my iPad for convenience. and I can edit/delete whatever I don’t want anymore or have already bought or received. Its so handy!
I usually have the prices beside the item I would like to have. that way 1. I know the price 2. its easier to budget or believe for it! 3. It’s just easier.
If you really like something and it gets “rolled over” every month, then that’s a sure sign you should probably get it! Wish lists are such a great idea for your wardrobe & budgets.
If your not sure what the price actually is, just list what you would like to pay. That when you find the said item, it could be on sale, or you know what you want to pay, so you could wait on that item.

If you already have a wish list then “cue applause here”. Way to go! you are already on the fast track to easy shopping.

So far I have around 25 items on my list, which isn’t bad for almost being June!

Here’s what is on mine through, it through categories, since a well organized list is a happy list! ; )

First off Clothes! :

Good Hyouman “The Aguilera” (M) Muscle tee | thankful | $37 | I think I want two, and obviously a different wording, a black & a white, but we’ll see!
Mid-rise Rockstar skinny jeans | Oldnavy | $25 or less
High waisted long flare jeans | I haven’t been able to find the right ones yet! but I know I will.
Graphic tees | I am on the hunt for some graphic tees

Bags, accessories & shoes!
A weekender bag | I really like Everlane, Madewell or Fossil | $120 or less

Madewell transport tote | $168 | English saddle”>20140528-134329-49409826.jpg

Madewell “the Dover” messenger | $148

Genuine Leather ankle boots | Chelsea or cut-out | I prefer black, but if something catches my fancy, I might be persuaded | around $50
Vintage looking American flag scarf | last seen on | $9.99
Rebecca Minkoff “mini MAC” or “MAC daddy” cross body purse | $160 or less
iPad cover | not sure which one I want yet, but I do know mine is looking pretty rubbish!

IKEA “Alvine kvist” duvet cover | king or queen| $40-$50

iPhone docking system & speaker | I’m thinking Bose

Amika or Hot tools hair something… | either wand or curling iron, or flatiron. Not sure yet.
Buxom blush – intoxicate | $24
Tarte matte Lipsurgence lucky & exposed | $24 or less
Naked 3 palette | ulta or elsewhere | $53 or less
Boots botanicals cleansing balm |Target | $8.49
A really good moisturizing moisturizer
Fresh sugar rosé lip treatment | $22.50 | sephora

Allthewire “Skinny Bar” necklace | 18″ buyers left: Jer. 29:11 or something like that. | $30
LeCubicule “pointy ring” gold filled | $26

And then I have a wish list for fabric & patterns to make for clothes : )
If you’d like to see that list let me know in the comments!
I also have list of when traveling, where I would like to go, do, see & shop.
It’s only practical to do so!

So there ya go! I have my wish list, do you have yours?
And just remember it ALWAYS changes, so don’t sweat it if you want to delete something off you wish list. Just don’t decide you don’t like something after you buy it and wear it… : )

And can I add this which has nothing to do with making lists! Hah!
I wish there was a VIB system for childcare. You know like sephora, where you rack up enough points, to where you can get extra little goodies! Like a thank you gift for putting so much time in. A thank you so much, I’m so grateful for you, and here, here’s a gift of gratitude for you, I appreciate you so much! And I’m not saying, being paid and then getting a gift. But you know, doing a pro bono babysitting gig & also going the extra mile and picking up/cleaning one’s house, doing laundry, feeding pets, playing with pets, running an errand, etc. A nice lil thank you gift would be so sweet… Just a thought! : ) and you could actually call it, VIB. Very.important.babysitter. Hope I gave you moms a good idea! Food for thought.

Thanks so much for reading, commenting and liking! Love you all! -Ryn
Instagram: @RynB


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