Tippies & trickies: purging out your closet…

It’s currently 9:56pm and I am just now writing my Mondays post! Yeeks!
Last week I made it a priority to clean out my closet. 1.because I bought new fuzzy no slip hangers from Costco.(if you own a membership there, they have a 35pack no slip hangers for under $11! 2. It was disaster zone. 3. I knew I had LOT of things to purge. Thank goodness no clothes were harmed in the closet that full!



This was the before! And as you can see, a furry lil dog helped me clean ; ) my closet is her favorite spot in the house… And I can’t blame her! I can say now, it’s one of my favorite places too!

If you are in the same boat last week I have a few tips as to declutter your closet:
1. Clean your room before purging your closet. Make your bed too. It’s just helps.
2. Set up 4 piles: trash, give, sell, keep.
I then have sub categories for the keep pile, I have clothes that I still wear, but they’re either for working out or pjs. I have a 3 step program: wearing out in public>workout in them>pjs. The shirts I don’t wear out anymore, By the time they get to pjs they are the softest ever. (Although I buy really soft tees to begin with, so I’m not sure how that factors in!)
3. If you haven’t signed up with the Poshmark app, you should! Hey, use my email as a referral: maudecclothing@gmail.com! It super easy and if your items are in great condition post them, wait, and see them sell!
4. If you haven’t switched out winter clothes with summer clothes yet, here’s your chance! (This year is the first time I’ve done that in my adult life. And it’s freeing I might add!) If you’re stuck as to where you can store the winter duds, never fret there are options: you can buy rubber made containers that roller under your bed, and you can put a shed load of winter clothes in 1-2 of those. If you’re tighter on space, you can purchase the ziplock space bags and store them in there. And then under your bed or wherever. If you have a hall closet, store your winter coats in there. Be sure to add cedar blocks in boxes you store clothes in. Cedar repels moths from eating your natural fiber clothes, such as silks, cottons, cashmere.
5. For the give bin, make sure there are no holes or stains on the clothing. Honestly the people who will get it with not want some stinky old holey dust rag of a shirt. Make sure that you think about it and if you wouldn’t want it, chances are someone else doesn’t either.
6. Leave the holed, stinky & stained clothes to the garbage bin.
7. Give categories to your clothes. Put blouses and collared shirt together, pant and jeans together, dresses, tees, workout wear together etc. And store them that way. It’s easier for you to find an outfit. I’m not one to color coordinate, but if you feel the need to do so, be my guest.
8. When purging, make 3 piles: maybe, purge, keep. If your not sure if you’ll wear the item, put it in the maybe pile. If and item of clothing isn’t fitting properly, purge it. And for the beloved item you wear so much, keep. And for the purge items, you’ll then go through those items and decide whether to keep, sell, trash, give.
9. Don’t forget the shoes, accessories & bags. Make sure you still wear those accessories. If not, sell them.
10. If you’re wondering why I painted my closet, it’s because, if you paint your closet a different color besides whit your clothes will stand out.
11. If you’re waiting to lose weight and are keeping half your closet of clothes you’ve either have bought or kept from a size you once were. You’re only setting your self up to fail. Especially when dressing each day. So what I would say is, if you want to lose weight and you want a motivator to do so, keep 3 items, no less & no more. Just 3. And keep the together, and to where you can view them each time you dress. That way, they’re there without haunting you, but as a reminder not to overdue it with food.
12. Keep your bags flat, if possible. And in dust bags. If you hang up bags, you’re putting unnecessary strain on the handles, which can cause your bags to wear down quicker than usual.
13. Don’t forget to try things on through the process. If your not sure about it, try it on.
14. Don’t have a mentality of “this is expensive, I should keep it because of the name” if you do that you’ll keep things you don’t wear and you’ll run out of room. Sell it, give it. Whatever you have to do to help your own style to improve.
15. Not to say, that you shouldn’t go buy new things, but keep in mind that you’ll need to store those things, and if you’re not wearing half of the clothes your storing, you should probably go and clean that closet of yours. Happy purging…and shopping!






The after. It looks so good and I’m not getting frustrated when dressing! Added bonus, I found a missing tank shirt I haven’t been able to find in nearly 6 months! Hah!
Super happy with the results!

Hope you get great results when cleaning out your closet!
Thanks for reading! -Ryn
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