Style Fyle: flatter vs fit, part 1.

Fit vs Flatter

Lucy Paris skirt

Belted skirt

I want to know what you think, which one do YOU think looks better? Which one flatters the model? The shape, the fit, everything?

In the next few weeks, I’d love to touch base on what can flatter and fit your body type. Honestly, not everything will look incredible on your body type, but I believe that there are ways to make a garment look the absolute best on you! But you’ll have to understand, just because you want to be one size does not mean you should be wearing that size.

There is this funny thing called a tailor or seamstress. I know, I know, it sounds old fashioned, but trust me, it’ll make a worth while difference in your wardrobe! Even if you buy clothes from forever 21, you can still have those clothes altered to fit YOU. Tailors are not only for Nordstrom or bergdorf goodman patrons. They can be there when you need them.

I’m pretty sure you know my answer of which one flatters the models figure, but let me say this, a skirt should never, and I mean NEVER reveal ones feminine V shape on the front. I don’t care if you have the best body in the world, why point it out to others? Even if you don’t have the best body in the world, why point it out? Cupping your hinny is one thing, directing people’s focus to your down south area, not so good! (Kinda like camel toe, skirt edition) (or when guys where jeans waaaay too tight that the front kind oh, how should I put this? Gropes them! And it’s just not good! If you catch my drift!)
And if there is unnecessary “ruching” on the sides of a garment(as in, not supposed be there, not sewn into the garment), it’s not supposed to be there to make it flatter your figure, it’s probably there because it’s too tight. And those seams may give out any day now. Beware! If you hear a popping sound, run for cover!
If there is a lot of pulling of the seams either, at the hips or boobage area, it’s a sure sign you’ll need a new size.
In less you were trying for the painted on look, I’d advise you to go up a size. If the waist is too loose on you, that’s an easy fix from a tailor or a friend who sews.

So, I hope this helps, and please know I am not judging you, but that I want everybody to look their absolute best!
Love you -Ryn
And please comment on this, I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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