Style Fyle: current faves

I’m so not a monthly favorites kind of gal, but I’ll do current favorites every so often! I have a loot right now! From nail polish to my current favorite apps!
It’s a random bunch, but I’m so thankful for them all!

Would you do me a favor, and write 5 items that are your current faves right now? I’d love to read what they are!

Here are my favorites:



So first off is the Ray-bans, I haven’t had them for very long, but I just adore these, they are perfect for me! The shape, the color, EVERYTHING! Perfect for summer! Similar ones | HERE

I have been digging a messy High ponytail! It’s so fun and I’ve never really like the outcome before since I’ve never had long hair. So I’m so pleased at how my hair looks with a high ponytail!

MAC ‘Snob’ lipstick (satin)
Ugh, ever since I’ve bought this tube, I have been wearing it non stop! I love this color! It’s just perfect. You can buy it | HERE

Maude C. Linen Tee, it is THE perfect tee to wear. It’s bagging, boho, cooler & flattering all in one tee! I actually made this tee. Buuut I’m in the process of selling these on my etsy shop, I’ll let you know when I start to sell them!

Not only am I a wardrobe stylist but I’m also jewelry designer and I have to have at least one thing on my body that I’ve personally made, 1. Because I love my jewels & 2. It’s good advertisement! So I’ve been wearing these two-tone earrings a lot lately, like all of my earrings, these are so light and I just really like to wear them! You can purchase | HERE

FAVORITE nail polishes:
L’oreal ‘butterfly kisses’. I’ve been wearing this pretty much non-stop!
I’ve never worn a nail color over over & over again, but this color is gorgeous and the formula is amazing! Definitely a must!

Maybelline ‘pretty in peach’. Ahh, I just adore this color! It’s so cuuuute! I currently have it in my toes! It perfect for summer! Adore it!

Essie ‘bikini so teeny’. I will be doing my mani in this color soon! It’s the most gorgeous color, the creamiest periwinkle blue! ūüėć

Pacifica ‘sandalwood’ perfume.
I love love love this scent! It’s so gorgeous on. It’s smells slightly woodsy, lemon-y and slightly like fruit loops. Yum! (I only wish this bottle was bigger!)

The blue stretch band. It’s a resistance band. And it’s great for toning your arms! I recommend everybody getting one. It’s been so good to me. I think I got mine from TJ maxx or target. It’s from Gaiam.

The Method for beginners by Tracy Anderson. I love this DVD. I’ve been trying to do this workout at least 4 days a week, and I’ve already seen a difference! Yay! I’m seeing my waist again!!! Hallelujah!

Another pair of my Maude C. Earrings! These are called GOLD DIPPED earrings and I really like these! They just give such a bold look to your outfits! You can find them | HERE

NYX ‘Dolly pink’ (SPL839) lip pencil. I’ve never been one to like lip pencils. I never understood them, until now! I tried this one I love it! and the MAC ‘snob’ lipstick matches perfectly! If you’re not familiar with how use a lip pencil, it’s ok. Neither did I. I’ll just say this, practice makes perfect! And this NYX one is great. Plus, it makes my lips look so full! Whoo! I want to buy a nude & maybe a red soon!

I also have a few apps and a band too!

App #1. MoreBeaute2. I just downloaded this a few days ago and I already like it! It smooths out your skin & wipes away discoloration & blemishes you may have! So good! not that I don’t like imperfections, I do. But I don’t know its fun to play with¬†picture perfect¬†apps.

App #2. Bloglovin. I like how all of the bloggers I love are in one place! Where I can always read the new ones or scroll down and read the not so new ones too! I’m on there too!
A few of my favorite bloggers are, but I love many bloggers:
Love Taza | Rockstar diaries

App #3. A Beautiful Mess. I love the fonts on this app more than words can say! I really like the Tall & skinny one. its on the first photo on this post. So fun!

And my current favorite band is Royal Tailor. So good! Great pump it up tunes!

So there ya go! Hope you enjoyed! you check some of these favorites out!

See you soon, Ryn

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