Etsy Find Friday: L.A.Osborn

The tricky thing with this column is, I now want at least one item from each of these shops I feature! 😁 not that that is a bad thing! If you’re feeling the same way, raise your hand! ✋🙋

But I’m hoping you’re enjoying all of these designers & artisans! They truly are incredible & I am inspired by them daily! And each one I’ve talked to has been just the sweetest! I love that!

This shop L.A.osborn has the prettiest, daintiest & chicest jewelry I have ever wanted to own!

Here’s Lani’s story:
L.A.Osborn began with a desire to create jewelry with passion, love and care. L.A.Osborn reflects the girl with everyday style whether boho, minimal, or classic our designs are perfect alone, for layering, stacking or collecting. Whatever the occasion we hope you find something you absolutely love. Perfect for everyday, gift giving or special occasions.

All jewelry produced is made of the highest quality materials, while being affordable. For this reason, She uses combinations of 14k gold-filled and sterling silver with tarnish resistant high-quality plated wire, Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones and genuine pearls. All of Lani’s jewelry is trendy, feminine and has a unique flair!

These designs are just fabulous and I can’t wait for you to see a few of my favorites!!! These pieces, I feel like are sooo versatile and really meshes with any style “type” you may be.
Open band knuckle ring | $4 ea

Custom initial bar ring | $10 ea

14K gold-filled curved bar necklace | $32

Open stacking bangles | $10 ea

Long France Country Necklace | $18

Of course there are more designs to choose from and I cannot wait to get my hands on a few pieces! They’re quite unique & simple. I just love it!

And she’s offering a sale for the month of June: Use Code LAOSBORNJUNE2014 with any purchase of $15.00 or more and save 10% off!!
How awesome is that?

To view more of L.A.Osborn jewels: Click HERE

Hope y’all enjoyed! Now get on over to Lani’s shop and purchase an item or two of hers! You deserve it! ; )



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