Style Find: Spanx

Style Find: Spanx

Guys, I’m really considering investing in some Spanx or ‘Spanx type’ things to go under my garments. I was thinking about this earlier last week, and I just think it’ll come in handy.
Let’s just clarify please, that spanx are not just for overweight to make them appear slim. It is for the slim too. It just makes everything smoother. Kind of like, if you were to use face primer & foundation before applying your powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter. It just smooth out the skin, for an appearance of smoother skin after you apply your whole face.

Most, if not all the ladies on the red carpet have a pair of spanx or sucker-inner garment on underneath their dresses. It just makes the dresses look that much better!

For me, I’m not usually walking the red carpet, but I am wearing skirts and dressier things, where I would like to appear a little more smoothed over in.

So, if you’re looking to wear a body-con or a bandage dress or any form fitting garment you have, try looking into a spanx/spanx type undergarment. It’ll be a great investment for you! And so worth it!



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