Things in my noggin: things on my mind…

Oh dear! I’m not exactly sure how this post will turn out! I have nothing planned for this weeks post! I did have an idea at the week as to what to post, but I didn’t write it down! Typical.

How are you?! How’s your week been? It’s hump day! Only 2 more days till the weekend! I don’t really celebrate the weekend at the moment, but I would like to start doing so!

Here are a few things that have had me thinking the last few days:

1. I was watching Joel Osteen the other night and he was talking about how faith is just like currency. We use currency to make a transaction. To exchange money for items. And faith is like that. We use faith to receive God’s goodness. He has already declared that you have provision, prosperity, healing, favor. All we have to do is make a transaction, when we apply or shall I say, pay with faith, then God can give you the desires of your heart. It just means, how big your faith is. This totally opened my eyes, to see faith like currency. I, for one know how to spend money, and that analogy just clicked.
2. I think I’m pretty late to the party, but I really like the tune of Lorde’s ‘team’. Now I’m not sure what the song is about but the tune is very catchy!
3. I read a quote the other day about respect. And it said something like; you can’t make people respect you, but you don’t have to accept their disrespect. I agree. I’ve had my own issues about being disrespected. And this just opened my eyes.
4. In a little I’ve a month and a half, I’ll be NYC! Teaching about sewing, DIY, fashion. I’ll also be bringing some of my jewels too!
5. I have been on a sewing frenzy! Already I have made 1 kimono, 2 tees & 3 skirts. And I’m just getting started! I have so much more I will be doing!
6. My mom is helping fit some Muslins to my body, I can make even more clothing!
7. I’m trying to expand my clientele base to ladies & gents 4-5 hrs away. Not just in The DFW area in Texas. So if you know anyone in the area, please give them my info!
8. I drove the first time in a looong while yesterday. And it actually felt great being in the drivers seat. If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t drive much. I just had a fear of driving and slowly but surely I’ll be in the drivers seat more often! I really like it.
9. Can I just say how much I LOVE Duck dynasty! I do, I really do. It’s crazy, not a show I would normally go for, but I just love it!
10. I miss my friends. I miss hanging out with people. I miss talking and sharing what The Lord has been doing. I miss going to grab coffee and chatting. I miss shopping with them. It’s crazy how time flies and one minute your going out with friends every week almost and then… Nothing. It stops. You don’t see them, you don’t talk. It almost seems as if they’ve moved on without you and you’ve become lonely. I guess that’s how I’m feeling : / although, I know a few friends still want to see me & I want to see them as well! I just have to do it! Sometimes it’s just hard to get out of that funk. Ya know?
11. I need to rely on God More with my worries. Because I’m not God. I don’t have to put my trust in myself to see things through. I just need to obey, to worry less and trust & use my faith more!
12. I love it when I can think about others before I can think about me and what I need & want. I made a new friend through poshmark. She’s been dealing with health issues and in a financial situation and I was able to pray for her. It blessed me so much to do so. I didn’t even know the woman, but I know how good my God is! Divine connections, I tell ya!
13. I’ve been gearing up for Maude C’s autumn collection TEXTURE.S, which I must say, I’m totally swooning over! To see & purchase past collections click HERE

Let me know if there is something I can pray with you about:, I’d love to!

Hope you have a fabulous rest of the week! I’ll see you Friday! -Ryn


2 thoughts on “Things in my noggin: things on my mind…

    1. Hey girl! I am! It’s a weekend thing, but I’ll be one of 12 sewing teachers at the ETANY: education of textile arts. I’ll be talking about how to DIY clothing, sewing & fashion! I’ll also have a booth to sell my jewelry! If you know anyone who sews there or likes to buy jewelry tell them about it, please! The website is: for more info : )

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