Tippies & Trickies: anti wrinkle

If you could be like me, then you you don’t like to iron much. You do it, but it may be grudgingly!
It can be a pain, but you want to look put together! The Irony! (Pun definitely intended!)

I heard this tip a few months ago and I thought I would share!
To reduce wrinkling and more importantly, reduce having to iron in the future. Iron your garment (or fabric if sewing garments) before you wash them for the first time.
Hint: great tip for baby clothes…

Why it works:
The sizing in the garment (or fabric) reacts when heated. And it makes your garment less wrinkly. The sizing almost acts like a starch. But after you iron a newly purchased garment, you may certainly wash it. And see the miracle working! So you won’t need to iron as much! Whoop whoop!

So, hope this helps with your non-ironing self!

Love y’all!
Instagram: @RynB


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