Beauty find: Kevyn Aucoin

Happy Monday, Even though it’s Tuesday! ; ) I was uber busy yesterday, so I never got to post. How are y’all, good?

So, I bought this dual eyeshadow a week ago and I have been wearing NON-STOP! It’s so pretty! And It lasts ALL DAY! Hallelujah! šŸ™Œ I think it’s my new favorite. And it surpasses the naked palette. Hands down. The eyeshadows apply well. They’re long lasting. They’re gorgeous on the skin. What more could you want?!
No fallout either and super luxurious!

They would be considered high end, as the price is $42 per eyeshadow duo. But all in all the eyeshadow pays for itself! Really!
I bought the shade #204 in Gold frosted leaf/Auburn shimmer.
But I’m thinking about buying #208 Frosted Jade/Bronze. It’s super pretty too!



Anyways, thought I’d share : )

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