DIY Friday: sparkling waters

How was your Fourth of July?!

And I have 3 sparkling water recipes for you! They’re so tasty & refreshing. Perfect for summer!

*Virgin mojito:
Mint sprigs
Vanilla extract
Lime juice & peel
Sparkling water
Add ice to cup. Then crush the mint between your fingers and add to cup. Then add the vanilla and grate the line zest. Then squeeze half of a lime into cup. The add stevia. And pour sparkling water over it, stir, sip & smile!

*Orange Julius:
Squeeze Half an orange with a dash of vanilla extract into a cup, add ice, stevia & sparkling water. Enjoy!

*Vanilla+Mint Lemonade:
Take your cup, add ice, then add vanilla, crushed mint sprigs & stevia. Cut lemon in half, squeeze one half of lemon into cup, then add the sparking water. And enjoy!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in such a vanilla mood lately. So all three drinks have vanilla in them. And each drink is equally DELISH! You totally should try one or all three! And you should buy a soda stream! Totally worth it!

Let me know how you like these sips! : )

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