Things In My Noggin: This Past Week

Hey you!
How’s it going?

I’ve been thinking…a lot!
Not to mention shopping too! Unfortunately, I haven’t received anything yet, so no haul today! But I am wanting to give y’all more fashion posts. I feel, as if I’m posting a bunch of beauty items, but not as much fashion-y posts… Not saying I won’t be not posting beauty items, no I’ll still be posting more beauty items, that’s for sure! Let me know how you’re liking the posts so far, down in the comments!

Last week, I was in downtown Fort Worth for Southwest Believers convention. Hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries. I have been attending for at least 24 years. And it’s basically a big, huge family reunion! I may not know everyone, but with the ones I do know, I celebrate with.
And This time, I babysat for my favorite niece and hung out with my favorites!

And since, I technically worked, my sister was kind enough to pay me which was a HUGE blessing! I’m in the process of purchasing a few things! ; )

And then on Sunday, we all celebrated my niece’s birthday! She’s the cutest little thing! She turned one! She’s now halfway to 2!!! Whoop whoop!



I love her so much! Happy Birthday EG!

Oh and E finally said my name!!! At A-ya-ya… Auntie LaLa! So adorable! It just melts my heart! So cute! :,)

So really, this last week has been such a great week! Yes, there were some low points, but what week doesn’t have low points? But mostly it’s been all high! Hallelujah!

Hope your week has been grand! 😘


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