Etsy Find Friday: Liptiful

Ever wanted collagen injected in your lips to make them look fuller? No need now! Here is an effective, inexpensive way to get those Angelina Jolie lips!
This product is such a genius idea. To basically give your lips a hickey… It plumps your lips & it draws color to your lips. It sounds like a pretty genius way to me!
And it lasts. The more you maintain, the better it works. It’s like working out, the more you exercise the better you body is conditioned, the better you feel & look. Same thing with you lips! Your lips will look and feel better when you use liptiful & their workouts!
It is a family run company based in Alabama. The liptifuls range from $35-$50. Depending the shape/size you want.

Here are some things Liptiful could possibly help you with:

1. Lip plumping NATURALLY

2. Lip muscle strengthening

3. Lip moisture (chapped lips)

4. Provide healthier looking lips w/ better color

5. Facial muscle weakness issues (Bell’s Palsy, weak cheek muscles, Neuromuscular Facial Retraining)

6. Fine lines and wrinkles around and above the lips.

Be sure to check out ALL Liptiful’s has to offer on their etsy shop!
And also check out Kandee Johnson’s review on her YouTube channel: HERE

I really recommend this product & reading everything, makes me want to try it! I love my rosebud lips already, so just having them enhanced would be spectacular!

Hope y’all check them out and enjoy!

P.S. I want to give a huge shout out to my sister, it’s her birthday today! HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY! This year will be your best year yet! With an abundance of make-up, shoes & snuggles! Love you!



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